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Tuesday the twelfth

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Tuesday the twelfth
  • It is B's birthday.
    We are doing burger night at Sis's
    I am suppose to bring pimento cheese. They are all addicted.

    I need to get horse feed today or tomorrow, will probably run get it today.
    Cleared some brush from the north side of the barn. We are going to get panels and put a pen there.
    And we need to get a couple extra panels to fix up the pen on the south side. I just made it out of extra panels and it's not pretty.

    Tonto has added quite a wrinkle with his blindness. He has some limited vision in the daylight.
    I knew he was moon blind but didn't know how bad until we brought him here.
    He needs to have a buddy with him but I need to try leaving him in the round pen by himself.

    I hope everyone has a great day!

  • Oh happy birthday late to B!