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Saturday Sneezes

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Saturday Sneezes
  • Seems something Cal has had has decided to take up residence in my head.  Not thrilled.  Got some of that AirBorne...or however it is spelled Stude suggested and am hoping it helps me weather this storm quickly.

    Cal literally, with the help of the car, dragged home a road kill deer.  The guy who hit it only sawed off the horns.  Cal has dressed it out and boned it, bagged it, frozen some of it, and is cooking the rest on the wood heat stove for the outside kitties.  A lot of work but he says it will save on the cat food bill.  I am sure the kitties will approve.

    Came home from Christmas shopping the other day and my black barn kitty was in the road...the first time I had seen him in the road.  He was still warm, but no longer part of my barn team.  Buried him.  His sister was missing the next night at feed time but back in the morning.  Sure hope she stays and keeps momma kitty company.  I love having these sweet creatures greet me every time I go over to the barn.

    Some really decent horses going cheap this time of year.  Of course, I keep liking them but then reality sets in and I know I do not need another stall to clean or mouth to feed.  Whisper wants company but that can come closer to spring so they can go out to pasture.  I did fine a TWH about an hour and a half away but she is a fence tester.  Do not need that.

    When it gets daylight, I will go over and take care of Whisper and the barn kitties.  All the ferals on the deck and out front have been fed.  As have the birds.  Someone on Cal's bus route butchers and said he will be doing cows soon and we can have suet.  This will make the birds very happy.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Still drying out here. Muck in the pens. We needed the rain 1 and 1/2, but not the cold.

    Maybe we can let a couple out later today.

    It was gusty winds yesterday and suppose to blow today also.

    Then sunshine and 60's for the week.

    Worked at Cowies. I spent most of the time organizing and finding things. I helped get the fireplace set in it's location.

    Pilot was building shelves for the laundry room. We removed the  last of the ram board  (heavy construction protective cardboard) covering the living room floor.

    Lots of finishing details to be done and shower still needs to be tiled

    Both Shirlene and  Richard's  hand surgeries were cancelled until  after Christmas.  

    Sorry for the fires. I hope Dana is safe. They are welcome to evacuate here.

    Not sure of the plan today besides taking care of horses and longhorns.

    We have a calf due to arrive anytime now.

    Happy Saturday and well wishes to Cal.

  • Guess who? Being busy isn't really an excuse since I can jump on and say hi pretty quickly.

    Really enjoyed the trip to Jersey to the horse rescue. I rode in my new saddle yesterday. I have to get used to it and I need converters to use an English girth. The lady who had it switched the webbing out for leather and they are on the wrong sides. Anyway, I'm going to get converters.

    The Jaguar is a bust. Now I have to clean it up, list it and see if I can sell it on Ebay Motors. (or something). Gotta get going on that. Maybe I can go over there tomorrow?

    It's snowy here, now slushy, now icy really. Temp down to 32. <--I wrote that before I went to pick the boy up from work. It's only 3 miles but the road is really hilly. YIKES. I made it though.

    Okay. On with the show. A happy Saturday evening (everyone's got snow now, right?) Oh the fires in CA. Prayers for mercy. That's beyond scary. What's going on out there?? Now it will rain and mudslides... Bad stuff.  Hoping Dana continues to avoid the nightmare.