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Wednesday Dark

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Wednesday Dark
  • Woke up around 11:30pm to power out.  Grabbed the flashlight I keep by the bed and headed to find a cell phone to call with.  Thank God we had just gone through our flashlight/battery stash a couple of days ago so I had a good little light with great batteries.  Called NYSEG and the automated system told me 1009 customers were out of power in my area and that we would have power restored by 2:30 am.  Wrong.  Not until 5am.  Up at 4:30.  Got candles from my emergency candle stash and discovered I have no easily grabbed candle holders.  We used to dine by candlelight but the cats made that dangerous.  No idea where I stashed the holders.

    Stude, Karen is in Brookfield near me?  Be fun to meet a mutual friend.

    Cal got his car in the car tent last night.  He is really thankful to have it under cover again.  I don't know if we are going to move the enclosed trailer closer to the tent or not.  With the "door" back on the tent the wind won't have the effect on it it did during the storm.

    Cal went over to the barn yesterday sometime and told me later that Whisper called to him when he came in and told him she needed hay and treats.  She had plenty of hay in her stall.  Treats?  She likes them.  He told me she likes him.  Sounds like he is thinking she should be his.

    Repairs already needed on my cat deck enclosure, but I might be able to fix it later in the day light.  Still need to patch the roof but that is not a job for me....I am not going up that high with a partial sheet of roofing.

    I set the alarm on Cal's phone when I was up and found the power out.  SO glad.  It went off and he was trying to turn it off with no success...he had my phone.  We got that little issue taken care of.  He saw mine on the counter and thought it was his.  I had put his back in his jacket pocket where I had found it.

    Sure am chatty this morning.  Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

  • We did errands in Freiburg.

    Still raining and 30"s. Only 1 1/2 inches so far but I wish we could send it to CA.

    More rain tonight and tomorrow.

    Boys in outside pens have rain sheets on for the duration.

    Slogging through the mud here.