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Sunday, the start of another week, the end of another weekend

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Sunday, the start of another week, the end of another weekend
  • I bought the saddle today. Can't wait to ride. I'll try to get to the rescue this coming weekend.

    I've been trying to get back into the swing but have been pretty tired. Not sleeping well. Long story. Hoping I can sleep tonight because I have work tomorrow. It will be nice going back. I know my customers will be surprised to see me. Probably thought I left for good. I've been threatening! :)

    I bought a 76 Jaguar, did I mention? You-know-who doesn't know. I got it for $1K. It's at a Jaguar nut's place now getting an analysis done. I was going to do a conversion and put a Chevy engine and transmission in it. The Jag guy wants to see what's wrong with it. Hey, if I do nothing but sit in it and drink my morning tea, I'm happy.

    It's late and my clock isn't back on EST. No time change in the islands. Miss it, too. I hate this constant strife between these guys. I really don't think my son is at fault here. There's nothing but disapproval. I'm glad my son can ignore the toxicity. We're going to either do some serious work or that's it. And we need it pretty quick. Boy is trying to move out. He's about to get his second promotion. He's got to stick with it so he can be qualified for a better job when he transfers. I'm proud of him!

    Anyway, replacement windows are ordered/purchased. One more square checked off. We agree the house needs to be sold. Yay. Still applying applying applying. God's will.

  • Hi Hunter (waves)

    Glad you are back on the mainland.  I am also glad you got a couple of things for yourself.  'bout time.

    Got my oldest Grandson's wish list from his Mom.  I ordered some of what he wants.  I really would like to get him the firetruck he wants but it is in Poland and it might not get here until after Christmas.  I think I will have to go to a craft shop for the younger boy.  He told me he wanted something creative.  And playdoh.  Then a trip to my favorite clothing store to get Christmas gifts for my youngest son and his wife.  Have to get their things ready and sent in time for Christmas.  Not sure if I will send cookies this year or not.  He likes them but we are trying to avoid sugar here and it is pretty hard to make and bake and not eat.  Will think on it.

    Whisper tells me she wants her hay on the floor and not in the haybag in this stall.  She is pretty definite in her wants and I am caving.  She is like no horse I have ever had and I am loving it.

    I think Boy needs to stay in the house with you Hunter.  You need him for moral support and sanity.

    A new week.  I wonder what it will bring.

  • Connie, my Hackneys all liked eating on the floor too.  That was the main reason I built the slo-feed boxes.  I have to cut another grille and set Socks' box up again.  Will likely do the same for Breezy.  Even if I use those boxes as a regular feeder, they are better as the horses can't throw the hay out of them and are eating in a more natural posture.

    Glad to see you back Hunter.  I would switch the Jag's engine out too.  They made good engines in the fifties and sixties, seventies and on are expensive junk.  Same with all the Lucas (prince of darkness) electrics on the car.  

    I agree with Connie about your son.  You need him for now.  He's a big boy and seems to be coping well.  Best of luck with the current situation.

    Jmebear is back from the hospital and doing well.  I'm chief cook and bottle washer around here for now.  A lady comes in mornings and helps out as I'm not comfortable at helping jmebear changing.  Also it gives me more time to get things done outside.

    Hope everyone has a great week ahead.