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Wow, Wednesday Already

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Wow, Wednesday Already
  • Another day that should go colder as the sun comes up.  We might gets some rain and then some snow.  joy After Cal's morning run, we will be going over to the place where we are doing a moving sale on Saturday.  We were asked last week to do it....by the end of the month!  Cal was all excited at the prospect of a good estate sale but it is just a moving sale. The folks moved in about four months ago, never completely unpacked, and have moved again.  We get the joy of selling the "stuff" they have decided not to take to their current residence.  I am hoping for a good sale.  We took some of our own sale items over to help with the sale...glad it is not up to me to keep the sales separate.  We get all of the proceeds from our things and a third of theirs since we set up, advertise, and handle the sale.  Glad getting rid of the no sales is not up to us.

    I checked back yesterday and Whisper's leg issue was eight weeks ago...I had thought only seven.  She has been here almost a year.  I made the decision to take her over a year ago.  She seems to like it here.  Yesterday, I was out dumping the manure and she had to come out to see where I was and what I was doing.  Satisfied with where I was she lay down, rolled over (uphill) and back again.  She then got up, lifted her butt in the air and kicked out with her heels...then right back into the barn and her favorite, not first cut, hay.

    Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, we will be going out to a buffet with some old friends.  This way, no one has the preparation or clean up...well, not us, anyway.  I bought a turkey and will roast it for us here since my favorite part is the crispy skin followed by leftovers.

    Hope all have a great day.

  • The boys helped us with tree trimming on Tuesday. And yesterday they cut nearly 200 cedars.

    A huge accomplishment that I won't have to work on.

    I caged some young Spanish Oaks. They are near the gate and I am trying to keep them thriving.

    Of course after I removed all the competing brush this Spring one of the 3 died. The other 2 seemed to be doing well until one of the bucks decided to use them as a rub.

    So caged they are. I picked some rock while Pilot dug some cactus. Then after meatloaf lunch, I helped pick up cactus.

    I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday and promptly caught a cold.

    Alternating turnout is working ok but a pain in the butt.

    I am hoping to try Tex and Tonto together when I have time to be in the pasture and intervene???

    Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!