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Monday must

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Monday must
  • get some work done around here.
    Nephews are off for Thanksgiving break.
    I will pick them up this morning and drop them back this evening.
    They have a scout meeting and I have a Board meeting.

    I think the plan is to pick a corner and start.
    Wood cutting, rock picking and cactus removal.
    Along with ant treating, cedar cutting and fence check and fix.
    Don't worry I'll feed them.

    Everyone have a good one!
  • Sorry to hear of your friends passing DH.

  • I thought I posted this yesterday...it must have gone out in cyber space.

    What kind of ants, DH?  My son in HI does fire ant treatment and I can find out what he uses.    I know he makes a bait for them to take back to the nest (hive?) that is not toxic to domestic pets.