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Tuesday no trim

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Tuesday no trim
  • Farrier came today but no-one was long enough to be worth doing.
    I can do a bit on Tex's backs.
    Since that freed up the afternoon I ran to the grocery store.
    Now I have tomorrow free.

    It has been cloudy and drizzly for days.I am ready for some sun shine.
    I hope everyone is having a great week!
  • Another day, another offer.  'Tis the season.  A sweet trainer friend of mine has offered me a Morgan mare.  She got her a couple of years ago from an Amish farm and has used her in a lesson program.  She says she is a rock solid mare but that she is a mare....yet she gets along with others.I asked for pictures and may go down and look at her.  Still uncertain on two horses.  

    Yesterday, I gave Whisper her grain while she was loose in the barn and I cleaned her stall.  She finished and went to to the hay stack.  I went to dump the wheelbarrow and she went out ahead of me.  She went back in and I went around the corner.  She came back out and appeared where I had dumped the barrow contents.  She realized I was heading back and did a roll back and beat me back into the barn.  She sure likes to keep track of me.

    In the high 20's out there today, Wednesday.  Not sure what it is supposed to do for temps after the sun comes up.