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Wednesday...trash day?

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Wednesday...trash day?
  • That's about all I can come up with. I took the day to get set up with a primary care doc for routine/preventative stuff.

    I might have sold a saddle. Not to fear, I have 3 left. hahaha

    I hope your farrier stays strong. It's a heroic thing and he can't do it alone. Bless you for pitching in - as you always seem to do. Sharing the blessings. I just love ya for it. (and thanks for the input, I do value it, make no mistake)

    I found another perfect room for rent but just can't commit to anything until I get the firm official start date. Trying not to get bummed out.

    It was a really nice day. Boy had the day off so we goofed around, did laundry, got him a haircut. He makes me laugh constantly. But I'm ALMOST as goofy and boy, when we get going. :) He needs to find a car to start thinking about. He's almost ready... His training is going to be 7 weeks. yikes That's to certify him as a groomer, one who can do haircuts.

    The Washington kids left EARLY this morning to go home. Little red headed grandbaby is just wonderful. I love his parents too. Great family. Hunting, fishing, boating, cooking, they do it all.

    Anyway, I'm ready for work tomorrow.
  • Went today to look at a good quality harness for Socks.  The price was roughly half of the new.  Story was the harness had been used less than twenty times.  Got there and no reins, no holdback straps (brakes), and the harness had been used a lot more than twenty times.  Took it home to try on Socks anyway as it is a good quality harness and thought it fair to try.  No go.  I just don't get the sizing system nowadays.  This is a 'Horse' sized harness.  Socks, at sixteen and a half hands, definitely qualifies as a horse.  He was swimming in it.  I had everything taken up all the way and the harness was too big.  Decided to take it back to the seller as it just isn't going to work.  What with the missing parts and the parts i would have to buy to make it work, decided it wasn't even worth the cheap price we paid.  Very disappointing and wasted day...

    rainy day again.  Governor  Moonbeam and his junta finally admitted the 'drought' is over.  Honestly, you think?  If we get much more, the whole state will wash out to sea...

    Hope everyone else had a better day.