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Tomorrow's another day Tuesday

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Tomorrow's another day Tuesday
  • It is trimming day. Farrier called last night. It snuck up on me this time.
    Mostly since I didn't write it on the calendar.

    Board meeting went fine. The last of the three stooges actor didn't attend as she was out of town.

    Hunterseat- Connie is right about venting it out.
    The view from where I am sitting way far away in Texas is that they'ALL will not ever change.
    When is it going to be your life?

    B is coming for dinner. Luckily I have meatloaf in the freezer.
    I also have some chili and enchilada soup in the freezer for the farrier to take home. Maybe some spaghetti and meatballs as well.
    It gives him some meals to not have to worry about. His plate is full with his wife having Alzheimers.

    I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!

  • Whisper and Skidder got peddies yesterday.  Did not do the gaited gelding.  He is looking for another home.  He thinks he can not live unless he can see and possibly touch Whisper.  That kind of horse is not really safe.  Blacksmith did "check him out" and said he thinks he is a recent castration and that he still has "squeakers" whatever that means.  Whisper and Skidder were perfectly behaved.  Cal brushed her before the blacksmith got here.  She still has a lot of shedding to do and needs the dust/dirt off her back.

    She is showing her breed beauty.  Cal is enthralled with her.  Says she is the most beautiful horse we have ever had.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • Am I guessing right Connie that your Farrier is trying to tell you that your Gelding is proud cut?  His behaviour toward Whisper would be a good indication.  If he is a recent patient of brain surgery, then it might take as long as a year for the secondary characteristics to fade, if ever.  Sorry to hear of that.

    Arabs are good at the My Pretty Pony syndrome, aren't they?  She is a pretty girl, and no mistake!

  • Stude, his first words were that he had one there and then he wasn't sure but he was certain the horse was a recent castration...healed.  He said to turn him out with some big geldings...great idea if I knew anyone with a small herd of geldings.  I am not looking forward to Whisper coming in heat again.

    Yes, Whisper is certainly pretty but she is also good to be around.  Stands to work on and offers her feet for cleaning.  Really great basic training from someone.