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Happy Easter Sunday!

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Happy Easter Sunday!
  • The sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming. How perfect.
    Church later then who knows? I really want to set up the burn pile in case the kids come back Tuesday and want a bonfire.
    Not sure if boy will come to church or not. These guys don't enjoy each other's company, which is really too bad, for me anyway.
    Looking for movement on the job. Hoping this is the week! (I've said that every weekend for the past 8 weeks.)
    Girlzilla is back in full force. ugh
  • Happy Easter!

    It's absolutely gorgeous here!  Mass was nice. I sat next to the most adorable family with very well behaved little ones. Got to see some good friends.

    It's just Hubby and I around for Easter this year. The Girls didn't come home. He took pity on my and hid a dozen eggs for me to find when I woke up.  We'll bbq for lunch and continue working on the house project. I do need to scrub the water trough.

    I hope everyone has a blessed day! Praying you hear something, Hunter.

  • Fed the horses and turned them out.  Then shower and off to Church.  Some of the men put on an Easter breakfast for those who wish to dine between  eight and nine thirty.  Good food and great fellowship. After church we went to the dollar tree to get a birthday card for a friend and Hubby got candy for his grandsons.  We went to their house (they had company, DIL's family) and he dropped the bowl of candy and gifts off.  Couldn't stay long, Ryan came out and got called back inside.

    Home.  Cleaned barn and got the stalls ready for when the rain comes and they go in.

    My youngest called to wish me a good day and a Happy Easter.  He calls several times a week and shares his life with me.

    We went out to dinner last night and we each had too much prime rib so we brought some home.  Guess that will do for Easter dinner.

  • We have a similar arrangement at our church, Connie.  Wish I could join the breakfast, except with my food allergies...

    The weather service said, 'rain pm,' and they weren't kidding!  It started raining at 12:01 pm... literally!  Not getting much of anything useful done today.  Let the Chickens out to run around this morning and they won't come in, rain or no rain!  All three dogs sacked out in my trailer whilst I 'm on the World Wide Waste of time!

  • Sis cooked Easter dinner.

    We gave her written instructions for the turkey and I fielded a few texted  questions  this morning.   She did a wonderful job.

    I  made tiramisu.

    Yesterday was an awesome ride. Fewer people than expected and no hog trouble.

    A big jack rabbit did jump up right next to Jet and I  but he didn't bat an eye.

    He was such a happy horse yesterday.  I don't ride him myself enough.

    Happy Easter!