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Wednesday why can't

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Wednesday why can't
  • I get the plants I want?
    This is Texas for gosh sake. You can grow almost anything here?

    I want some cross vine or trumpet vines for the pots in front. Something for the humming birds.
    Grrr no one has them.

    Got groceries and etc.. in Fred-burg today.

    Tomorrow is volunteer day always long and tiring but happier now!
    Our rain event was a non event. We plan to ride this weekend at R&C's They are having hog issues so it could be an exciting ride.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday evening!

  • DH, you could always try Wayside Gardens or Michigan Bulbs on line.  Or you could plant some roses from Jackson & Perkins.  Fence roses grow just about anywhere and the Humming Birds love them.

    Dreary, rainy day today.  Was going to get my mail and pay rent and didn't want to drive seventy-five miles in the rain.

  • It's really tomorrow but I haven't slept. Girlzilla is back in almost full force. It could get worse. I hope the hiring freeze lift means I'll hear something soon. Shame I'm so looking forward to not being here at least during the work week. I truly am excited about the job, though.

    Oldest son is here with wife and beautiful grandbaby. We burned some, will burn more tomorrow I guess. I have to work but I get Friday off so... yay.

    Have a great Thursday!