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Tuesday tricked

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Tuesday tricked
  • We only got a sprinkle.
    A huge rain event was forecast for our area.

    I feel like I wasted yesterday but I did house stuff.
    I sliced up the last half of the brisket I made into corned beef.
    I think it is the best one so far. I made thousand island dressing (my mom's recipe) to go with it.
    Now I just need to go to the store and get pumpernickel for some awesome rueben sandwiches.

    I made french dressing also.We had cobb salads for dinner.
    And some laundry and banking got done so I guess not a total waste.

    Hay here is $7.00 for about a 60-ish pound coastal bermuda square bale.
    $85 for about a 1000 lb coastal round bale.

    I think alfalfa is still about $14.00 for a square. I don't feed it.
    Everyone is a fatty except maybe Tonto. He looks to be a good weight.

    I am running all the hay out of my barn. I am down to the last 6 square bales at DaneHaven. They came from the load of Colorado hay we had to bring in a couple years ago.
    There are 2 round bales left but they will become cow hay. They were from last year but dustier than I want to feed the horses.

    I bought one cube of 21 squares for here at SaneHaven and I will buy another next week for DaneHaven. That s-h-o-u-l-d get us by until this years hay crop.
    Which this year should be great hay with the good rains and warm Spring. A relief since the last 3? years were a struggle to get decent hay here with the drought.

    Pilot wants to wait and go to town tomorrow so today is up for grabs. After we feed cows of course.

    Everyone have a non-tricky Tuesday!

  • New horse was a gentleman last night when we went over to check on them.  He can be a twit.  I called him Dobie (like Dobie Gillis) and he nickered.  I told Cal maybe we can call him that and if he goes back to being a jerk call him Doobie because he can be a trip.  Today he was almost perfect.  He acts like he really never was taught any stall manners.  He loves the mare...need to work on that, hate separation anxiety.  He has one habit I do not like.  He puts one knee up when he is anxious...go out, come in, eat.  Kind of like someone taught him to "shake".  He seems a bit confused when I tell him to put the knee down but he does it.  

    Got an inquiry on Whisper today.  The lady likes arabs and has had them in the past.  She wants to know how she rides.  I told her the truth as I know it, she is supposed to ride quiet but I have just been feeding her for four months and have not yet ridden her.  I know she is looking for a horse but if Whisper is as good to ride as she is to be around, I don't want to sell her.

    Another beautiful day here.  Around three it started to rain.  I ran out to put the horses in.  It was pouring by the time I got to the barn.  Dobie looked like end of the trail,.  He acted like he has been left out in the elements before and is not used to being in a dry barn.  I  opened the gate to the barn and no one went in.  I had a halter on him so I led him in...leads well.  She followed and Skidder brought up the rear.  

    Supposed to be cooler tomorrow but I prefer fifties to eighties.

    Have a wonderful night, all.

  • As to the subject of hay, we are comparable to Texas it seems.  Our bales are considerably heavier here in Soviet California.  Hence, seven bucks for a bale slightly over half our weight makes our hay around the same price.  Of course prices vary drastically from No. Cal  where I'm at to So. Cal where Dana is.  

    Blustry, rainy day.  Much like the Winnie The Pooh story.  Jmebear off to the Memorial service (JW version of Easter),  I have services (Lutheran) on Wednesday thru Friday then Sunday.  Going to make an attempt to get to all of them, if I can.

    Hope everyone around here has a great evening and a blessed Easter Week.

  • Stude, must be Jmebear is ambulating better?  If so, glad.  Thankful that you will make it to services all week.  The churches in Hamilton participate in a yearly "cross walk" and take the cross though the village from church to church.  I have yet to make it.  Maybe this year.