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Monday may mean rain

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Monday may mean rain
  • This afternoon, evening and tomorrow rain is forecast.

    Yesterday was long with an extra volunteer activity
    And the community Easter Ecumenical service and offering for the Help center.
    We have 4 of them throughout the year. Easter, Brush Arbor, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Such a wonderful little town.

    Saturday was airport day in Fred-burg.
    Open hangers and young eagle rides.
    We went and spent the day polishing up the bug smasher.

    Today maybe get groceries?

    I haven't fed alfalfa for years. Too expensive here at $14 or more per bale.

    Everyone have meaningful Monday!

  • Went over to the neighboring farmer and got two round bales.  Hubby got home from his morning shift and , when the horses went behind the barn, I shut the gate to the barnyard, opened the barn gates and the roadside gates and he backed up to the barn and unloaded the hay.  Whisper ate well last night but still lis a bit light on her water intake.  I made her mash extra sloppy this morning and will do the same this evening.  She did take five swallows from the tub in the barnyard when she went out, yes, I do count.

    This hay is perfect..  4 x 4 bales at $30/bale.  He loads the truck with his tractor.  Nice orchard grass and timothy.  Clean.  Nice hay.  The horses like it.

    Beautiful warm sunny day here.  

    I opened the door to the "bird deck" for fresh air.  Too warm in here before that and plenty warm now.  Our windows are not the kind that keep heat out.

    The trees are budding and Skidder has been down to the pasture.  Whisper has been in the past but the new horse won't let her go farther than the little stream that is crossing the roadway.  I am thinking he might not be a keeper...  he is too much into her and "protecting" her as his private stock.

  • Our horses love the Orchard.  However it makes me break out with hives when handling it.  I have to keep Benedryl creme around for it.  Mountain Timothy however, doesn't bother me a bit.  We pay fourteen a bale for the Mountain Timothy and fifteen to sixteen for Alfalfa (on the rare occasion).  It has been as high as twenty-four a bale here.

    Lovely day, think I'll let the kiddos out to play and eat grass.

  • WOW - And we just got 11 4x5 round bales for $60 EACH and it is coastal bermuda (which is about it for local grown),  Typically we pay $40 for 4x4s.

  • My favorite horse dealer told me he found local (to him) hay so I am pretty sure it is grass hay, I know he said nice hay, in 1000 lb bales for $20.  Not sure if stored inside or out.  The neighbor I get mine from stores them stacked on pallets in an open ended dome.  I need to make room in the barn for more.  I know he will have more this year, but I would like to  get some ahead for the summer.  I generally put the horses in at night just to keep them safe from all the wildlife out in their pasture.