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Monday Morning Fly-by

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Monday Morning Fly-by
  • I'm supposed to be getting ready to head out the door but I am so happy for Face after reading his last post from yesterday I wanted to let him know. Family is so important - unless they're total pains for you, then not so much. I miss my sister with whom I fought every opportunity growing up. She has 2 boys that have never met mine - only cousins, too. Very bad. I hope to get us all out to Colorado one of these days not too long from now.

    The oldest son, his wife(almost) and little red haired son will be visiting next week. I'm really excited, planning the menu, etc. Love that bunch! They were in FL and we drove down from Atlanta. Now he works at Coulee Dam in Washington. They're thriving out there. Can't complain about the distance. We should be moving closer that way.

    Maybe this will be the week when I get a start date from my new job. (I can hope) I think it will be after the hiring freeze is over (22nd) but that date is approaching. The hiring organization (GSA) didn't make the list of HUGE budget cuts so that's a good sign for me.)

    Best get going. I'm hoping for another glorious day!
  • Jmebear went back in the hospital Saturday night.  She started experiencing excruciating pain on Friday.  back Spasms, and pain around her midriff.  Saturday evening she decided to ask the neighbor to take her into town.  An hour later she asked for an Ambulance.  She is supposed to come home tomorrow morning.  This hip replacement surgery has been a nightmare for her.

    I can't believe it is almost a week since I drove Socks.  Got Crystal out Saturday and she was as good as gold.  They need to be worked a lot more often.  Looks like rain on Friday, so if they're getting out this week it has to be ASAP.

    Got out the Phaeton and examined the linkage for the front suspension.  Certainly a busy arrangement there.  I'm going to take apart the springs on my other Gig and see if the links on it will fit.  If they do, then it might quiet this thing down.  At least a little anyway.  Had a close look at the springs and it doesn't look like an easy thing to remove leaves.  Everything is pretty tightly put together.

    Services were pretty good at our church this sunday too.  I didn't realize that Fat Tuesday was a week ago!  Usually one sees Mardi Gras crap all over the place a week before.  This year, zip.  I wonder why?  

    Well a lot to do tomorrow and I'm pretty done up today.  Hope everyone else around here has a great Tuesday!!

  • The "then not so much" is soooo true. I have a brother about 30-45 min from me, haven't seen since 2010. Have another sister about the same distance that I wish I hadn't seen since 2010. We will plant my parents in VA in July and that will be the last time I will see either of them, if either bother to show up.

    Reconnected with a cousin in VA last month and he is an awesome person. So sad that all these years we never had any contact. With my SD sonn moving to SW VA, the renewed friendship with the cousin will grow.