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Monday it is Spring!

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Monday it is Spring!
  • I am still tired but feeling better.
    Everything got a deep watering including the dead olive trees, just in case.

    Jet still hasn't gotten his bath. Those horses would look great if someone actually took care of them?
    He is Jet's Gold Star but everyone thinks he should be black.

    Hunterseat- I know you didn't ask but I would have to a agree with Connie. You will be treated badly wether or not you go to the funeral. You might as well just work and make some money.
    Doesn't Chatter have your back in any of this?

    Clean sheets and towels taken back to the cabin.
    Board meeting this evening.

    Everyone have a wonderful first day of Spring!

  • Ah. The advice. I have use-or-lose Annual Leave hours so the time off work wasn't so much about money - I know I enjoy the extra by going to LI. Also, I really wanted to be at that meeting. (time away and a good night's sleep are icing on the cake)

    So I went to the funeral and I did enjoy seeing some of the people I hadn't seen in a while. I get along well with his older brothers and their wives (one each). There was a get-together at a restaurant  after and some old biker-mafia-wanna-be was making overt passes at me - all in jest, unless I took the bait. It was nice to hear how "beautiful" I am and how pretty my eyes and, in reality, having the old fart propose to me was funny as heck. Chatter wasn't laughing. When the guy pulled out a G-note and offered it to Chatter in exchange I quickly told him that wasn't nearly enough to diffuse the situation. Chatter is so jealous/insecure. I just ignore that so he's not as bad as he once was. And no, Chatter only has his own back for the most part - and Girl's. (not really her fault so I don't resent her for it).

    Nothing to apologize for MK (did I call you DK earlier - Dairy King? Dane K?)