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A little offering to racehorses :)

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A little offering to racehorses :)

    Beneath a quilt of gleaming diamonds
    I close my eyes and inhale the darkness
    Freezing air sears my lungs,
    I gasp, and exhale small puffs of mist.

    Beneath the burning flush
    Of a sun-pink moon
    I let my spirit soar,
    Free of it's mortal chains.

    In the pale gloom of dawn
    My eyes drift toward a nearing sound
    Out of the shadows I see their eyes,
    Hear the thundering of their hooves.

    They fly past, these mighty warriors,
    Bodies of silk and steel, suring, 
    They shin, incandescent in the half light,
    Such figures of fantastic power and grace.

    My heart hammers in time with their hooves,
    I slowly blink my eyes, they're gone
    Vanished into the shimmering morning sun
    That capers playfully across a flaming horizon.
  • It's in your blood girl!  Did you write that?  It's really nice.  I want to see pictures!  Do you still get to hang out with them?
    Don't be shucking them mortal chains too quickly, Luck!  *smooch*
    (typo in the 4th verse but I know they shine [':)'] )