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Horse quilt

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Horse quilt
  • Just found this picture of a quilt that I made in 2010 and thought you all might like to see it.  The center is a vintage feed sack.  Machine pieced and quilted, it measures about 60 by 54 inches. 
  • Beautiful!! What did you do with it?  *cough*mybirthday*cough*
  • Very nice! You do great sewing!
  • I made it to sell at the October tack swap but forgot to take it!  Not sure if I will go this year or not.  I love to quilt.  Have not made clothes for myself in years, but did make a simple sundress last month. 
    When is your birthday Hunter? 
  • LOL!  Just kidding crazy quilt lady!  It's a beauty!  So are you. [':)']
  • Thank you Hunter!  I think you are a pretty neat lady...and a brave one to have gone "over there"!  So glad you are back safe and sound!