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My latest craft project

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My latest craft project
  • Tote bags!    They are quilted, lined with lots of pockets inside and one outside.  The handles are quadruple stitched on so the bag can carry even books.  Machine washable.  I have made  horse, dog and cat ones as well as floral ones and have even made a couple of custom ones for people. 
     These are a great, useful, gift idea and fun to make.   I have taken them to a couple of craft shows and sold them. 
  • LOVE it!!
  • Really too good, Awesome craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Earl Nunes
  • Thanks everyone! 
    Just finished a cowboy quilt top and when I get it put together, I will post a pic.  I have to have something to keep me busy when I am stuck inside because of the weather.