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Looking for Transport help

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Looking for Transport help
  • I am looking for help to transport a Heeler mix from eastern PA to IL. She has a ride from IL to MN (where I am) Im waiting to find out exactly where in PA (I think Harrisburg) she is and where in IL she needs to get. thank you so much all!
  • She is in Lancaster and needs to get to Peotone, IL.

  • Wow that's quite a journey!

    Have you posted on the transport sites?

    There is a pilot group also that flies pet transports, maybe Dana has heard of them?

  • I had posted this over on Dog, and got a list of transports, so I shared that with the gal of the rescue.  I have already thought of flying to get her myself, but Im concered with the layover in MSP.  If (as an employee) they would allow me to pull her out of the kennel for a potty break and a walk, I would be all over that.  If the weather were better and I wasn't lambing, I could even just drive to MSP and then only have one leg, so no worries.  at this rate, by the time lambing will be over we will probly be in our pet embargo (no doggies in hold)

  • Frustrating for you.

  • its hard to wait. but maybe a good thing as winter has returned with a vengeance. Friday's hi is supposed to be -1 =(

  • How about finding one here and stuffing it under your seat instead of a saddle?

  • lol...  gotta be pretty short!