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Goals for this summer?

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Goals for this summer?
  • So who has weight loss goals for this summer/year?  I think we should start logs again.
    My goal is 20 lbs - then I'm going to reevaluate how I look and feel. 
  • I'd like to drop about 10 or so, although I wish I could choose where they come from!  Found out I have celiac disease about 2 mos. ago so have radically changed my eating.  Lost 5 lbs. right away, figure all those carbs calories I'm not consuming will have to add up at some point.  What's your plan for losing the weight? 
  • I have been dieting since Feb and have now lost 20 lbs. Still want to lose more, so have a ways to go. I have been doing a program at work called Journeys, that consist of a strict diet and a lot of exercise, along with 10 classes to discuss weight issues. Part of the classes were with a counselor who discussed the mental issues that goes along with eating and dieting. I am 54 yrs old and it is true, the older you get, the harder it is. Our goal was to lose 10% in 10 weeks. I did that, plus a few extra, but have had to work very hard. Now, I have to work to keep it up and continue to lose. Really dread when it gets hot outside, because that will make it even harder.
  • I just want to be healthy.  I'm 49 and I just (last Sunday) had to do my fitness test, push-ups, sit-ups, mile and a half run.  It's never been too difficult for me but I know I have to work harder to  keep my strength.  Plus, when I get REALLY old I want to be able to get around.  I've been taking over-50 vitamins since I was 45 and extra calcium and joint supplements.  I don't really eat right but I want to try to do better.  If I'm not careful I struggle with digestion issues.  Food is not always my friend.
  • I want to loose 10 lbs,stop drinking cokes,stop eating junk food.
    I want braces by this summer,I want a non-lame horse xD
  • Dixie-how about drink less Cokes, less junk food......?  You have to live a little, just in moderation ':)'
  • So, how is everybody doing?
    I had lost 28 lbs, but then went on vacation and gained a couple back. I really need to get back with the program! Dieting is soooo hard.
    I don't have a specific weight goal. I am just going to diet until I look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I am getting closer to that goal
  • That's what vacations are for!  Because you lost all that weight it's no big deal how you ate, just bring yourself back around slowly.  I sort of blew (or proved) my rule "Don't bring anything in the house that you wouldn't be okay with eating all in one sitting".  It's not that I actually ate ALL 12 chocolate, chocolate=chip muffins in one sitting.  I did pretty well freezing them individually in baggies....  But they was CALLIN' me!  So I'd eat a couple for breakfast (yes they're big) and a couple more for lunch....  I bought them Saturday morning on my way in from TX...  I had one for dinner, one for snack....  repeat the next day.  I think they were gone by Monday night.  blech....  I won't be buying them for a while.  BUT THEY WERE ON THE CLEARANCE RACK!!!  FORGET IT!  You know those pans of danish that are long and have struesel topping and icing drizzled over them?  I DON'T DARE BUY ONE OF THOSE!!!  (unless it's chocolate w/custard filling and I've been especially good and don't eat anything else that day....)  It's all about discipline, of which I have very little! 
  • This summer I would like to lose 25 pounds. It's quite the challenge for me but I'm ready to try my best. I plan to jog 30 minutes a day and cut down on my food portions. I'm also switching my coffee addiction to green tea. I just learned that green tea actually has a lot of caffeine plus it's great for weight loss. Now the questions is if I should try some green tea weight loss pills or is 1 cup every morning good enough? Any advice would be great. I'm really excited to lose this weight!