I heard a statistic about China yesterday on the radio  so I looked it up.  Something powerful is happening over there.  Here's some interesting info from http://christianteens.about.com/od/whattheybelieve/qt/ChinaChristian.htm
[H3]Number of Christians in China[/H3] It is currently estimated that there are between 70 and 110 million Christians in China with about 90 percent being Protestant and 10 percent being Catholic. It is also estimated that 10,000 Chinese become Christian each day. The fastest growing denomination in China is Pentacostal, and it is the middle and upper class that make up most of the Christians in the country.
[H3]The Chinese Government and Christianity[/H3] While the Chinese government is not overtly hostile to Christianity, it is also not very welcoming. The ruling Communist Party in China is officially atheist, and at times has been hostile toward Christianity. While there was a point when Christianity faced numerous obstacles such as marginalization or repression, and at times it was even illegal to be a Christian in China. The fact that Protestantism has been barred from churches gave rise to the house-church movement. Still, the rise of Christianity is still being looked at with great suspicion, and it may be some time when Chinese can freely worship Jesus with no major consequences. In 2008, China even promised to distribute 50,000 Gospel booklets in Chinese and English for the 2008 Summer Olympics, 30,000 Chinese New Testaments, and 10,000 complete Bibles. Still, that same year a Christian bookstore owner was arrested for printing Christian materials for use in house meetings, as he was accused of giving those materials to non-state approved churches.