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  • Just found out that my step daughter went to the hospital last night.  Much bleeding.  Surgery in the ER.  I am getting some of this second handed, but when she was here a couple of weeks ago she shared that their first baby was due in January.  It seems that this is not going to be.  Please, prayers for comfort, consolation, peace for Kelly, Frank, and my Hubby.  The loss of a baby is never easy, even when it is this young.  This child was wanted and so loved.  Please pray as the spirit leads you.  Please.  My heart aches for this couple.
  • Heavenly Father, Lord, please be with Kelly, Frank, Connie and her husband, and with all the family at this time. We don't know why these things happen, but we do know that You are always in control and that You love us more than we can know or imagine. We love You. We honor You. And we know that you are able to bring good out of tragedy. In Christ's name. Amen
  • So sorry to hear this... I had placenta previa with my last daughter but luckily it was only scary and we had a happy ending with a baby. I hope your stepdaughter is Okay physically. Thinking of them.
  • How very sad. I've been thinking about this and I hope there's comfort somewhere in knowing that these lost babies aren't actually lost. We know right where they are. 
  • Thank you to all of you for your prayers and kind thoughts.  I hope and pray that Kelly will heal physically and mentally and that she and Frank will be able to have a family later.  They had so many plans....  I know God will provide, and pray that they do, too.  
  • Kelly sent me a text yesterday telling me she was going back to work and glad to be doing so.  Said she was a bit tired of staying home.  I cautioned her to not overdo, but am very glad to see the positive attitude.  I do admit, however, I am praying for a baby in their future.

    Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts.  It means a lot.
  • I lost a baby. Had Chicken Pox in the early stages of the pregnancy. Working will likely be beneficial; giving her mind something else to think about for part of a day. I don't know if it's universal, though I've known other women who have had the same "symptom": I found that I would just physically "hit a wall" in the afternoon. I needed to sleep. It wasn't depression, it was a physical need. I hope, as you, that she will take care of herself and not overdo. Will be continuing to pray for her.
  • That is a very sad thing, Kathi.  

    I try to pray for my boys every day. I'm so afraid I'll lose one.