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Prayers for Pete

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Prayers for Pete
  • Older guy that my grandson works with - about 70 y/o. Wasn't at work when grandson got there. That's not usual. Owner came to the shop a bit later. Asked where Pete was. Grandson didn't know. Owner called his home phone, business cell and personal cell - no answer. Grandson offered to go check on him (he lives maybe 50 miles from there). Then one of the other guys heard about it on the company radio and said he was near there and would go by. Cars were there, dog barked when he knocked. He went in and found the guy out cold in the shower. Called 911. Now the older guy is in the hospital - probable stroke. Can't talk. He's worked for that company for 30 years or better. Has been a friend and somewhat of a mentor to my grandson. Prayers, please, for healing and for comfort for all who work with him. [:(]
  • Prayers for Pete and your grandson who is dealing with this.  I am glad your grandson works at a place where they care enough to check on their employees.  Their concern probably saved Pete's life.  May God pour out blessings on the company and all the employees and give discernment to Pete's doctors and Healing to Pete.
  • Wow..... my grandmother had something similar happen, was on the floor in her apartment all night.  Hope his outcome is as good as my grandma's was.
    Healing thoughts for all involved.
  • How terrifying for Pete! He must have felt like angels saved him. I saw two articles about people catching babies from several floors up, falling out of windows...
    We should all watch out for each other. Best wishes for a full recovery for Pete. Kudos to heros!!
  • Pete was out cold when they found him and remained that way until some time after he was in the hospital. I haven't seen my grandson (yes, he's been here - we're just on different time schedules sometimes) so I don't have an update. Will post again when I know more. Thanks.
  • ...no news is good news?
  • So I had the part about him waking up wrong. He finally woke up today. Told them he was cold...and that he wanted a smoke. So, he can talk. Grandson didn't know anything else about the 'damage'. It's good he can talk but that's a long time to be out. Still praying that he will recover. According to grandson he still works at his age because he can't abide just sitting around.
  • Is it possible he just slipped and fell? blacked out? Did not have a stroke but fell unconscious?  Awakening verbal sounds promising.  More Prayers.
  • Grandson went down to visit Pete in the hospital last night (about a 100 mile round trip). He doesn't know what happened. Doesn't know if he will be allowed to drive or go back to work. Some of his family were there visiting, too. I guess they thought his mind wasn't good, that he was confused. Grandson got there and they were talking and all. Pete had to go to the restroom so took himself there. When he closed the door, all of the family just looked at my grandson. Finally one of them said, "What did you do?". Told him they thought his mind was not right, but as soon as my grandson got there, he sharpened right up. Pete's a funny guy. I guess he's "cranky" and doesn't like anybody. Started out when grandson first was on the job that he was cranky to him, too. Finally the grandson gave him what for back. Now they're good friends. It even surprises the other workers at the job that they get along so well. Sorry. This got kind of long. Anyway, I'm hoping that he's OK. Seems to be healing well with no or minimal residual from whatever happened. Hope he can go back to work because that's what he wants to do. Any prayers still appreciated. Thanks.
  • Glad to hear he's healing.  Some people are like that.... my MIL gets really mad at others, screams, throws things when she feels out of control, confused but in all the years my hubby and I have been married, she has never done it to me or the girls, have never even seen her do it, just been told..... Maybe it's the knowledge that if she did, she wouldn't see the girls?  I don't know but she is always very sweet to me.
    Prayers coming his way.
  • Pete called my grandson tonight. He's out of the hospital. Going to physical therapy. Grandson said his mind is sharper than it was. Not sure yet when he'll be able to come back to work - time and PT will tell. Wanted to know if the grandson would get him and drive him to work and home (quite a distance!) as he may not be allowed to drive for a year. Offered to pay him and also said it's OK if he doesn't want to - he will find another way there and back. It's amazing to me the recovery he's making. He had to be lying in that shower, out cold, for 4 or 5 hours before he was found. Thank you so much for all your prayers for him.
  • Glad to hear he is home and improving rapidly. Wonder what really happened? Amazing too how some people are so driven to work, even when they have difficulties and other people pretend they have difficulties to get disability. I supposed it is the way you are raised and to a certain extent just wiring?
  • He did have a stroke. Hard worker - too cranky to keep down. [';)']
  • Great news! [':D']