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Pray for Martha

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Pray for Martha
  • November 15, 2013 Written Nov 15, 2013 9:57pm
    9:30 p.m. Hello everyone!

    Well many of you might have heard through the grapevine that Mom is in the hospital and this is true. We came in last night around 12:30 a.m. 
    She woke me up saying that she couldn't breathe, so we came right in to the ER in Kerrville. 
    Upon arrival, the ER team fully assessed her and diagnosed her with CHF or Congestive Heart Failure. Through several different blood tests and a CT of her chest they also discovered that she possibly had pneumonia, and that she was about 3 units short on blood. We are now in ICU and they are treating the pneumonia with antibiotics. We have learned that possibly the pneumonia-like symptoms could be caused by her new Chemo treatment, and while difficult to distinguish between a drug-induced type of pneumonia and the regular type of pneumonia, they will treat with a like treatment of antibiotics. So on to the next issue: her blood. Since she has had a transfusion in the past and probably from all the treatments she has had, her blood has developed antibodies that will attack foreign blood that is not matched perfectly. So while they had her blood type to give, that particular blood was not compatible because of the antibodies that have built up in her blood. The hospital staff began searching for blood around 4:00 this morning and we did not have a match till around 5:00 this afternoon. She began her first of 3 units at around 5:30 this afternoon. 
    As for the CHF, her Oncologist in Houston doesn't seem to think that it is a result of the drug, but he is not ruling that out completely. He is going to do some more research. 

    I have to report that our nursing staff and physicians here at Peterson have been over the top fantastic, and have really taken such good care of Mom. They have been in contact with her Oncologist in MD-Anderson and that is a really good thing. She is very stable now, her vitals are good, and slowly improving. She is off of the oxygen and maintaining a good oxygen level on her own which is great! She certainly looks better and I know she is feeling better. 
    So for now we are stopping the oral Chemo until she has fully recuperated at which time we will decide what our next step in fighting this cancer is. 

    I do want to apologize for not getting this update out sooner, but I needed to run it by Mom first, as this is her site and she's in charge! Lol, besides, she is the journalist after all!
    Thank you all for all the prayers, they are so appreciated! 
    I will update daily until Mom is ready to take it back over. 
    Again thanks for the prayers, goodnight.

    November 16,2013 Written 21 hours ago
    Good Morning to all of you':)'
    I have just a quick update, and then I'll update further tonight':)'
    The doctors do not think that Mom has CHF. They think possibly that was just a premature diagnosis somewhere... so this news is good. They think they have a handle on the pneumonia, and her hemoglobin is back up in the 9's, after receiving her 3 units of blood last night. We have a new room now, ( we'll be headed there shortly) and out of ICU. 

  • Anything to do with hearts is so scary I know she feels so much better knowing that they were wrong. [':)']
  • My condolences to the friends and family of an amazing lady and fellow author. [':('] Harper won't be the same without her.

  • This is what my good friend posted. 

    "Just returned from the funeral of one of the finest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Martha Stevens you will live forever in our hearts. Pastor Mike did an amazing job on the service, retaining his composure while sharing her life story. My takeaway from the event was do what you feel is right, give back to the community, if you see a need...address it, read to kids, be honest even when in the company of those with differing opinions, be even more compassionate with those folks, believe in the Lord, maintain a good sense of humor, you're gonna need it and when it's your time, go gracefully and on your own terms leaving behind a tremendous legacy in your family and friends"

  • That's so sad. I think you should give her complete moral and financial stage in this regard.

  • Are you doing all right? Hopefully, you're doing well because that is a rough event. Keep safe and think positive!

  • Thank you  and welcome MyrtalLiscano and CalGordon.

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