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Prayers please - From HI to CT for funeral

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Prayers please - From HI to CT for funeral
  • That's basically what we need prayers for the most - the trip to CT. Chatter's the only one going - his dad passed away last night. He was a Korean War vet and was in the hospital for months and months. We thought he might go before we came over here in December. Anywho, we found out yesterday evening but didn't know when the funeral was so we missed some fairly decent plane fares. Hoping we can get one for under $900 now.
    Girl is staying in HI so I really need prayers for that situation, too. Lord have mercy on me.
  • Sorry to hear. Safe travels, peace and grace for everyone.
  • Thank you! He's flying out 8pm Hawaii time and arriving tomorrow about noon I think, EST. there's a 6hr time difference. he comes back Tuesday. I'm so glad it's working out. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Please continue to lift us up when you can through this. He has some unpleasant (c.r.a.z.y.) people to deal with back there. I just want him home safe.
  • Praying.
  • [':)']
  • Definitely praying for all of you. Didn't see the thread here until tonight but I did see your posts in General. ((Hugs))
  • He didn't sleep much on the flight. Seat wasn't comfortable at all. It's in the 30's (daytime) and he's freezing. He bought shingles for the trailer roof he needs to fix and was talking about sleeping there. The place is winterized, no water, no heat. He found some stuff (blankets and air mattress) we left for his daughter in the shed that she was supposed to have gotten. [>:] He was going to shower at the truck stop, try not to have to go potty...  his feet were soaked... I got online and booked him a room at the motel right next to the trailer park. So he's sound asleep in a warm comfy bed with hot shower and potty, tv, microwave and coffee maker... hangers and an iron so he can look presentable at the wake and funeral. AND HE STARTED TO GET MAD but he's over it. [':)'] I miss him and wish I were there. [:-] 

    When we were trying to find deals to be able to afford this none of his brothers offered ANY help. Not even "you can stay at our house". After he got there and picked up the rental car his brother calls and says "you didn't pick up the car, did you? You can use one of ours." [:@] And the other says "you're staying at our house, aren't you?" That's after he's there and has a room. We got great deals and his work is unexpectedly giving him bereavement leave so all is well. But seriously. Wouldn't it seem like the help might have been offered BEFORE we finally got it all figured out? Of course, as you all know, I would have just said, "hey I need your couch. should I bring my pillow?" [':D']
  • Just a quick thanks to the prayer warriors. I love you guys! [':)']

    The trip was productive: Saw his kids, grandbaby Mason, and got the repairs done on the trailer. Then the wake, funeral, etc. It was draining, flying out on Friday and back on Tuesday. 
  • Look at that kiddo!  What a cutie ':)'  Your sweetie isn't bad either ':)'
  • Thanks Dana! [':D'] He's happiest with his kiddos!