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Prayers for my MIL, please

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Prayers for my MIL, please
  • She fell on Saturday (in her home) and couldn't get up. No one knows how long she lay there but my SIL (her daughter) found her on the floor when she got there later in the day. EMTs were called to get her up and they transported her to the hospital. She was dehydrated and had to stay in the hospital overnight. She still cannot walk (although they don't know why) and has been transferred to a rehab facility. Prayers, please, for her recuperation as well as for wisdom in what to do so that this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Thanks.
  • Prayers offered.  One of the sad facts of aging is that the body becomes less cooperative and falls occur making living alone a constant challenge for us.  So thankful her daughter came and found her in time to get her medical help.
  • I'm so glad some one found her. Praying.
  • how scary for her. I hope they get it figured out and she can be safe and comfortable and content with life. 
  • Thanks for the prayers. I haven't heard any more. Someone goes by her place every day (daughter or granddaughters) and I think they talk in the evening. She really isn't all that old but has had both hips and one knee replaced. She needs the other knee replaced but the first one wasn't a good job so she's reluctant. She uses a walker. At the very least, she will need something like a LifeLine or LifeAlert (once she can come home). Alternatively she would need to live with her daughter (the granddaughters have small children that would probably knock her down). Anyway, thanks again for the prayers.
  • Sorry to hear about her experience.  That has to be really scary.  My grandmother fell and was on the floor all night in her retirement apartment, we think from a small stroke ':('  She did get better though and lived many more years.
    Hope she recovers and gets home.  The rehab places are necessary but not fun, pleasant&nbsp';p'laces to be.
  • Thanks for prayers. She is in rehab. She will be there for a while then they will assess her again to see what needs to "happen" with her living situation. No stroke here. She is basically healthy except for those knees (and the walker). She gave up driving a couple of years ago after she couldn't get into her car and sort of slid onto that little lip where the door closes. She was in a store parking lot and another shopper called 911 for her. EMTs came, got her up and into the ambulance (not on a gurney) and took her home with one of the crew driving her car so I guess this has been coming.
  • Talked to my MIL on the phone while I was waiting for tire rotation. She's still in rehab. They do therapy with her 3 times a day. She is up and walking with her walker, but they won't let her walk alone yet. She said she didn't actually fall. She was getting out of bed, reaching for the cordless phone she usually carries, and slipped down to the floor and couldn't get up again. She will have a wearable alert system when she gets back home. The base unit has already been installed at her house. Thanks for your prayers, all.
  • She's definitely in my thoughts, along with your family as you all navigate through this time.