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Prayers Please
  • Jeff's dad was in similar shape and he's in his 80's. After quite a while on the breathing machine and tube feeding he rallied and is now doing well, sitting up, eating. 
    I think the nutrition end of it is so important for a body to be able to fight anything. Keep your hopes up!!
    j-bear, I'm so sorry. Life is but a vapor. I think it's easier to accept when we apply it to ourselves than having to deal with such a loss. And here's a thought/question. We tend to think "when I go I hope it's fast" (preferably in our sleep) but for those we leave behind, wouldn't it be better to be able to say goodbye?  We just need to be ready. period. sorry for getting off track.
  • Elise had a rough day yesterday but they did discover another bug that she has that they had missed earlier.  Today her temperature is under much better control, she is still on the ventilator but her oxygen saturation is holding around 98% which is good.  Her kidneys and bowels are functioning good and they are continuing to feed her through a tube with a little extra added fiber today.  All in all today her stats are better and things are starting to look up instead of being so grim.
  • Thanks for the update. Thanking God, praying for Elise. {{Hugs}}
  • Glad to hear things seem to be improving.  It is so scary when they are so critical.  When our youngest was born, she was intubated for 11 days and when they would try to reduce the ventilator settings, the same thing would happen, CO2 would go up..... was so frustrating and scary. 
    I hope tomorrow is a great day now that that other germ is being treated ':)'  Thinking of her and sending her strength.
  • Praying for her, also for the family.  Daily improvement is good.  
  • She had a reasonable night last night and today.  Her temperature has reduced to about 100.7 and they have removed the cooling blanket on her.  She is still on the morphine and atavan plus several antibiotics that are incompatible so they have to be given at different times.  They have tried to reduce her ventilator settings and she isn't tolerating it well, but they have been up and down with it all day and managed to get it a little lower and stable.  It doesn't look like she will lose any fingers or toes but she still has some pressure sores that will be difficult to deal with.

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!
  • Elise had a really rough couple of days and they nearly lost her early this morning.  Gayle called around 3 a.m., she had a collapsed lung earlier in the day yesterday and early this morning the other lung collapsed and stopped her heart.  Quick reaction by the medical team got a chest tube, her lungs re-inflated and her heart started again.  They have taken additional cultures but haven't received feedback yet.
  • continued prayer for a full recovery.  Also for peace for her family.
  • Ugh. ':(' Prayers continuing here.
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Hope for a full recovery. Rely on God for strength through this stressful time.
  • Healing prayers for Elise. Wisdom for her medical team. Comfort for her family and other loved ones.
  • Some hopeful news yesterday.
    No update yet today.
  • I didn't hear anything yesterday but this evening Gayle told me that Elise was reasonably stable.  Her temperature had spiked again at 102, they put a cooling blanket on her and got it back down, they washed her lungs and when they did a bronchialscope (sp) they found some pockets of infection that they had not seen before.  These were evidently the infection that had been running her temps up so they are treating them.  They put in a tracheotomy tube yesterday to help her to breathe, the ventilator setting is still down around 60% but the increased oxygen pressure has caused some leakage blowing her up somewhat, but not an issue.  She still has tubes in the lungs but that had been replaced with "pig tails" to make them easier to deal with and they have replaced the feeding tube in her nose with one in her stomach (a PEG).  Her kidneys continue to function well.

    With all of this said and the fact that she "coded" twice in the last couple of days she is doing remarkably well and starting to improve.
  • prayers, prayers, prayers
  • Prayers here.