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Prayers Please
  • Prayers. Trust in God
  • Prayers. Trust in God

    Prayers. Trust in God

    Same from here.

  • We had really hoped to have good news today but no.  It is pretty grim.  Elise took a turn for the worse yesterday.  Her fever is back up and the doctors are at a loss on what to try next.  The only thing that they know to try is more steroids and at this point that is a pretty "controversial" treatment.  Her mother is is barely hanging on.

    I don't know what else to say other than they all need our prayers.  Yesterday was three weeks since she came down with the flu and she has been in intensive care over two weeks.
  • Prayers continuing here for all of them and both of you. Even if they are all Christians and have the hope of seeing her again if she passes on, the loss here is awful. [':(']
  • &nbsp';P'ilot's update from yesterday- 2/7

    I was shocked when I walked in yesterday morning and her eyes were open and she was tracking with her eyes.  I walked over and talked to her and she smiled as she recognized me.  I guarantee you that I thought that I would be walking in to the final feedback session before pulling her plug.  Everyone's prayers must be working.

    Now some quick info and I need to run back to the hospital.

    She was in and out of consciousness all day yesterday and obviously struggling trying to process what was happening to her and frustrated with her inability to move or talk.  Her thinking was very fuzzy even though they would reduce the narcotics from time to time to let her stay conscious a little longer.

    All of her stats showed improvement.  The disease control doctor said that her white count was down (for the first time) and he didn't know why, it just was and that was a good thing.  The lower white count lets her build more red cells which help with the oxygen.  They have also given her a couple of transfusions in the last couple of weeks to try and build the red cells, but with little improvement.

    Her pulmonary doctor (who coordinates all of her treatment) came in and looked at all of her numbers and just kind of shook his head.  He said the x-ray taken yesterday was exactly like it has been with no improvement and he doesn't know why she has suddenly improved.

    They did reduce the ventilator setting slightly in the morning since her stats were so good and it stayed reduced most of the day until they had to move her and clean her wounds.  That set her back somewhat and she had to have it upped and the oxygen upped for awhile to off set it.  Her blood gases are looking good.

    Her chest tubes are all still producing some out put, urine and bowels are good.  The skin doctor was in treating the areas where the infection had settled in feet and toes and a wound on her forehead.  She was really encouraged that the wounds were starting to heal and the swelling in those areas had not broken through the skin.  

    The cardio vascular surgon had surgeries all day and didn't come in to see her and look at the films unless it was late last night.  We hope to see him today as he is the one that will tell us if any additional tubes need to be inserted to try and pull more air (there is still some but very little) out of her chest.  Yesterday they didn't think she could tolerate any more.  Today we'll see.

    So here is the situation at the moment.  All of her organs except her lungs are functioning well.  Her lungs are shot.  They are filled with scar tissue and not expanding or contracting on their own and still have not re-attached to her chest wall (after the collapsed lungs).  Unless they can get her to breath on her own and have the trach removed she wouldn't be a candidate for a transplant.

    She obviously can't stay in the condition she is in long term.  Chances for re-infection are way too high and she would slowly atrophy.  She needs to improve before anything can be done.

    She did have several visitors in yesterday and appeared to tolerate it well and the ICU staff has been fantastic.  If she continues to show improvement in the next day or two more visitors would be fine.  We'll see what happens today.

    Keep sending your kind thoughts and prayers.

  • Praise God for improvements and praying for her lungs to heal. Specifics are good. I've got a prayer list or two I can get her on. So glad to hear about her smiling!! [':)']
  • So glad she has improved, and praying for healthy lungs!!! 
  • Praying. Read this this morning but no time to post.
  • Our thoughts are with her and you!
  • Glad to hear that she is conscious sometimes and remembers you ':)'  I am hoping and praying for things to improve dramatically today to give her some hope.  Hugs to you.
  • Still praying and thankful for the encouraging improvement report.
  • Pilot's update from last night:   
    Yesterday showed some more improvement.  When I got there in the morning she was awake, her eyes open, she could focus, knew who I was and smiled at me.  Much more alert than the day before.  The cardio vascular doc had been in to look at her and her latest x-rays.  He said he didn't feel she could tolerate any more procedures right now and that we should wait and see if there was some continued improvement.

    Her oxygen was reduced by 5% from where it was and her vent setting reduced slightly as well.  She is having to work a little harder to breath than before, but it is an effort to get her lungs to expand.  Her doctor said she does still have some healthy tissue in her lungs but it needs to be able to expand and contract more.  She still has all of the tubes you can imagine running in and out of her (I think the count was 16) and they are hoping to bleed more of the air trapped outside of her lungs out.

    Her blood gases are coming back good even with the lower vent and oxygen settings, which is a very positive sign.  New blood gases were ordered for 6 a.m. this morning (2-'8)' and if they hold up as well her settings will be reduced a little more.  Everything is incremental here and the slightest thing can upset the balance.  However she has had two days of improvement now which has really surprised the doctors.

    Her improvement is even apparent in the nursing staff.  While she has been getting exceptional care all along yesterday I noted that anytime they were going to do anything with her at all they would talk to her and tell her what they were going to do and why.  They started to treat her more like a person and not like a body that they were going to lose (we all thought we were going to lose her two days ago).

    A few more friends came through yesterday but she tires fairly quickly.  Being conscious for the first time, trying to process what has happened the last month and having to try and breath more herself instead of let the machine do all of it wears her out really fast.  She could move her head side to side somewhat yesterday and try to mouth some words with her lips but it really tires her out.

    They have kept her about the same level on all of the different drugs she has been getting, including the one that makes you forget, so I imagine it will be like "Ground Hog" day for awhile when she gets weaned off.  She is getting so many IV's that it looks like a christmas tree next to her covered with little computers.  The technology in her room is the best.

  • Very encouraging! I'm so happy to hear it!
  • YAY!!!
    We were wondering about her age. I tried to find it in this thread but couldn't.
    Wonder if we could send her get-well wishes... is there somewhere we could send cards?
  • No official written update yet today but the news this morning and evening were good and improving.
    She just turned 25.
    She can have cards. I can post an address for the hospital when I get it.