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Prayers Please

  • Please pray for Pilot's niece Elise. 
    She had the flu. Yesterday morning she went to the ER. Her lungs filled with fluid and she went septic.

    She is on life support. She is 2 years out of college and ran a marathon last week.

    The updates were steadily worsening throughout the afternoon yesterday.
    They identified the staph and were able to stabilize her. She spent the night on the rotating bed and they are pulling fluid out of her like a faucet. The update this morning was encouraging but she is not out of the woods.

  • She is definitely in my prayers.  It is so shocking when a young, healthy person becomes so sick from a seemingly normal virus.  I hope you have good news today.  ((Hugs))
  • Praying for complete recovery.  Hugs for you and your family.  May God bless you all and give you His peace.
  • Prayers for Aleese. Sure hope she's on the road to recovery now. Keep us posted.
  • How shocking! You all must be sick with worry. Marathons can take a toll so she's probably not as able to fight it off at the moment. Get well quick sweetie! Keep fighting!! God strengthen and heal you.
  • Sheesh. Guess I didn't reply to this earlier, though I did pray (and will continue).
  •  This morning's update:
    They got the cultures back and found that this all started with flu B virus which turned in to pneumonia.  Gayle's cell phone was a little broken up so I'm still unclear on whether it was a staph or strep pneumonia but either way it has dispersed all over her body and they are fighting it with steroids and antibiotics.  She has been removed from full life support but is still intubated and on a breathing machine.  Her blood sugar is better today at 113 vs the higher levels yesterday (steroids run it up and they gave her an insulin drip to bring it down).  Her urine flow is good and her kidneys are functioning well. She's getting morphine every couple of hours and they are keeping her knocked out for the time being.  She is still in the rota-bed to help drain all the liquid from her lungs, but Gayle says she still looks "puffy."

    Her numbers are improving slowly and her response is encouraging.  With the cultures back they can target the drugs more specifically to what she actually needs and hopefully progress will speed up.

    Thank you all for your prayers.
  • Thank goodness she is improving! I'll keep her in my prayers 
  • So good to hear she is improving! Hope she continues to get better. Our prayers are with you. I'm sure she is getting the best care they can provide for her. It is scary to think how quickly things can strike us down at any age. We just lost our Daughter-in-law last month. She was 29. Sudden cardiac arrest, blood clot. She was awake and talking with the Paramedics when they put her in the Ambulance and died before they reached the hospital just a few miles away. Please keep us updated on your niece's progress.
  • Sending prayers for a full and quick recovery. 
  • So glad to hear that things are looking up for her, DH.  It is scary how even in this day and age, there are still germs that can cause real problems.
    jmebear-so sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law ':('
  • They have moved Elise from the rota-bed to a regular bed (she has been tolerating the moving and testing a lot better and feel she can tolerate a regular bed now). She still is on a machine that breaths for her but her oxygen saturation is good.  Urine flow is good, but with the infection (it is strep and not staph) all over her she has some necrosis of the fingers and toes. Gayle said she didn't think she would lose any toes or fingers but that tells you how far it has progressed.  All her numbers are better, but she is still knocked out so she doesn't fight the machine.  She's still not out of the woods, but is considerably better than she was.
  • jmebear-so sorry for your loss.
  • Hadn't looked at this for a couple of days. Glad your Elise is doing some better. Will continue to pray for her healing. jmebear - so sorry for your loss... will pray for strength and comfort for your family. ':('
  • They tried to lower the ventilator setting on Elise last night and she did not tolerate it well, her CO2 started to climb and they had to increase it.  Her temperature was back up to nearly 104 last night and her oxygen saturation is up and down.  They may increase her fluid intake but they have to have a doctors conference about it first.  The infectious disease person is coming back in today to take more cultures. She is being feed through a tube still and she is getting enough nutrition.  

    In general her stats are back down which is not a positive sign.