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Granddaughter Update

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Granddaughter Update
  • Here#%92s the latest regarding my granddaughter as of last night. She has had the urinary catheter removed as well as the n/g (nasal/gastric) tube and (as of late yesterday) one of the drains. She is on a liquid diet now – had not been allowed to take anything by mouth since Labor Day when she was admitted. She still has a PIC line and one drain although they may remove the other drain today. They discontinued her IV antibiotics the day before yesterday but started them again yesterday because her white blood cell count began to rise again. No fever, though. She will be able to leave the hospital whenever they can stop the antibiotics and have her go 24 hours without a fever or rise in white blood cells. Thank you for all your prayers so far. She still needs them. Durango
  • Fervent prayers.
  • Praying for good results from all the testing on your granddaughter....and comfort for you.(((HUGS)))
  • Praises!!!!! Thank God there's no cancer!