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Healing thoughts for my friend and her husband

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Healing thoughts for my friend and her husband
  • One of my co-worker's husband is continuing to battle a rare form of bone cancer. He was diagnosed last December and so far none of the treatments have really done much good.  He recently became paralyzed due to the tumor invading his spine, had surgery and is working his way back to mobility while continuing to receive chemo to fight the aggressive cancer.  He was going home yesterday but has had another set-back, this time a collapsed lung and fluid...... He is in the ICU and they are trying to figure out what is causing this recent problem.  He has no white blood cells at this point and is very vulnerable to infection.  It breaks my heart to see this young couple going through this.  Anyways, any prayers, thoughts, healing vibes you can send their way would be appreciated.
  • The cancer has spread to his brain and lungs..... yesterday they were told to get his affairs in order in case the chemo they are injecting in his spinal fluid does not help ':('  So sad...... only in his early 30's...... couldn't happen to nicer people........
  • So tragic. [':(']
    Prayers for peace and healing from the top of his head to the souls of his feet.
  • I lost my dad at 2 to bone cancer. [':(']  Prayers for them all. aw heck US all.  It's very sad.
  • The doctors have said his prognosis is very poor but aren't giving up at this point and he is on 2 different kinds of chemotherapy, one injected into his spinal fluid and the other the usual way.  He has asked to go home and I guess he is finally stable enough to do so with a nurse's care so hopefully that will happen for him.  My co-worker is taking a leave of absence for now. 
  • My friend's husband continues to go downhill ':('  They think he had a seizure last week and have him on meds for that.  He's having episodes of confusion and the chemo they injected into his spinal fluid was extremely painful today.  He just wants to go home but he's so ill........ I wish there was something that could be done........ to have a good outcome....
  • Doctors have told them it is more than likely he will succumb to this disease ':('  They are continueing the fight w/ radiation and chemo for now but things are continueing to deteriorate ..........
  • They have stopped all treatment and are just trying to make him comfortable...... not sure how much time he has left but he needs multiple platelet transfusions daily and has no white blood cells to speak of.  The staff at the hospital threw them an early Christmas bash which was wonderful.  There are good medical people out there ':)'  I just can't imagine what it must be like for them to be so young and have this happening ':('
  • I'm so sorry.  Prayers. What a trial to have to go through.  That is really a wonderful hospital staff to  do that. 
  • He passed away peacefully, much sooner than expected, surrounded by his family.