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Prayer request for healing

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Prayer request for healing
    I would like to request prayers for myself for healing.
    I had a shunt put in my brain a couple of years ago due to hydrocepalus (water on the brain) and Chiari Malformation (herniation of the brain) and it's starting to malfunction. The shunt is a programable one that can have the pressure adjusted by my doctor as needed. He adjusted it about 6 months ago and all was well until a little over a week ago. I started having a horrible headache on the way to work (as I had before the surgery) and was going to call my doctor when I got o work.
    I almost didn't make it. I blacked out behind the wheel, crossed three busy lanes of traffic and regained consiousness as I was about to hit a cement truck head on. I swerved just in time thanks to the loving intervention of the Lord. I went on to work and told a therapist that I work with that is a really good friend of mine about the incident and he insisted that I go to the ER. I went and after some tests was quickly transferred to the hospital where the shunt had been in. They told me that the shunt had drained off too much fluids and my ventricles were collapsing and that if I hadn't gone to the ER I would've died probally from a stroke or other complications. My shunt was re-programmed and I was sent home but I'm still having a lot of pain and dizziness.
    I have to go back to have an MRI of the brain to see what's happening and if there's any damage then get yet another re-progamming.  Please pray that there's no damage and that they can get these headaches under control without doing another surgery. Until I go back for the MRI I'm not allowed to drive or work and I'm out of sick leave as well so please pray that the Executive Director of the mental health agency that I work for will over ride current policy and allow a sick leave donation so that I'll continue to recieve a paycheck since I don't know what I'll do without it.
    Thank you for all your prayers !  
  • Prayers, of course.  You have mine, and I know you will have the prayers of others here, we are a very caring group of horsepeople.
  • definitely prayers and healing thoughts coming your way.  There is a girl in our Pony Club who had 2 surgeries for Chiari, long road back and some complications.  Hope your headaches subside really soon and you get back to work.
  • Thanks Connie and Dana. I really need the prayers and really appreciate them. I know that the Lord can heal all things if we just have faith in him.
  • Wow! I'm glad the Lord was with you and you didn't get in an accident. Definitely prayers for wisdom for the doctors and healing for you.
  • Thanks Durangogramma !  I really appreciate your prayers. I know that the Lord was with me that day (and everyday!) and it was He that prevented the wreck. Is'nt it amazing what He can do ?  I just hope that I can get this thing fixed and get back on my feet again. I haven't been to church in a couple of weeks because of this and it's breaking my heart to miss it. I'm thinking about sending my camera next time I miss so someone can tape the service for me.
    My hubby Robert is taking me to turn in my work excuse and my request for a sick leave donation tomorrow evening. Please pray that they accept it and give me the assistance I need.
  • Retta you've got more than your share of challenges.  I'm sure you're an inspiration to those around you.  Prayers up for you and your family, for physical and financial health and peace and joy as we walk this life day by day.  Hugs, sis.
  • Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and prayers. It's been a rough road but I know that the Lord never puts more on us than we can bear. With the prayes of kind people like you sis I know that I'll be alright. I know that the Lord will heal me and deal with my problems in His time.
    Thank You and God Bless !