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Prayers for my husband

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Prayers for my husband
  • Early this evening as we were leaving for a ride, we stopped to have my daughter take some pictures.  Lady, our new mare didn't want to hold still and started fussing, then backing up.  Suddenly, she took off backwards across the road and her hind legs got caught up under her and when she hit the berm at the side of the road, she sat and flipped over backwards, landing on Gary's right side.  Took him to Urgent Care and he was transported to the hospital near us for a CT scan which looks "not too exciting" according to the doctor....?  They are keeping him overnight and doing a repeat scan in the morning.
    I knew something was wrong when he didn't remember what happened, tacking up and we just kept going backwards thru his memory or lack-thereof until we got to July 3rd and I haven't tried to go any further.... doesn't know who our president is, the date, every 2-3 minutes asks why he is there, what happened, why, remembers that his leg hurts.... :(  I wrote down answers to his questions so if he wakes up he has some reassurance.  He finally fell asleep just before 2 and now I'm home and heading to bed.  I feel horrible..... I chose this horse for him and this was the first time he rode her.... we've ridden her at least 4 times in the month we've had her and she's never been crazy before......
    He wasn't wearing a helmet.... can't get him to on a horse......  Anyways, please keep him in your thougts and prayers.....
  • Oh, Dana, I am so sorry.  Of course, prayers already offered up and more prayers to come.  Hopefully, the rest will help clear his mind and time will also heal the leg.  I have been under a horse before and it wasn't fun. &nbsp';P'raying for you and the rest of the family.  Such a stressful time for all of you.
  • Praying strength, calming peace of mind for you and the girls; wisdom, expertise, discernment for his medical team; and most of all, total healing for your husband. 
    hugs, my friend.  You handle so much so "effortlessly".  That seems to be the case but I know how hard you work.  Still, if anyone can fight her way through a tough time, it's you, Dana.
    Hug your husbands, all you horse women out there.
  • Oh, Dana. So sorry. I'll definitely be praying. Don't beat yourself up. Horses are always unpredictable. My one son always says to me, "Mom, don't you know you shouldn't ride something that has its own brain?"

    RE: the helmet - yes, he probably should have had one on. It may not have helped. It protects your brain box but brain injuries are caused by the brain moving and smashing into the skull on the inside. Helmets help, but don't prevent all brain injuries. A friend took a hard fall, it broke the helmet - she was concussed anyway.

    I'm sure we will all be praying for you (strength and comfort) and your hubby (complete healing).
  • Dana, I am dialing the phone right now, imma start a prayer chain at my church,
    Hang in there honey!!! (BIG HUGS)
  • I wonder just what the doctor meant by, "Not too exciting."  I do so hope he meant that there was little or no damage.

    Gracious Lord keep our brother safe and guide the staff of the hospital wherein he is currently staying.  Please keep your ministering angels close and comfort him in this time of trouble.  In all things your will be done Father, grant us the peace to accept that.

    Comfort his family with the sure knowledge that you are in control of all things and that they and our brother are in your gracious hands.  Uphold his wife, our sister Dana, that she can deal with this situation calmly and with a clear mind.  Do Lord keep our sister close to your comforting presence in this difficult time.

    These and all things we place at your feet in the only way we can, through the free gift of your son's grace, in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ.

  • Put your trust in Our Lord and He will see you and your family  through this. 
    Even the most bombproof horse can have a bad day.  I hope that was all it was with Lady..a bad day.
    You and yours are in my prayers.
  • Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  He is slowly coming back to himself.  They are keeping him overnight and he'll be looked at again in the morning.  I didn't get back from the hospital until around 3 am this morning and he called me at 3:22 needing to hear why he was where he was again so we talked for a while, then he called again at 6 am so not much sleep for either of us.  When I got to the hospital he was crying, upset and feeling lost ':('  As the day went on, he started to remember little bits and pieces.  He doesn't remember me being there last night, still doesn't remember yesterday but does have some recollection of the 4th of July now and some other things. 
    His thigh is really bruised and sore and his shoulder hurts some as well as the right side of his head, which has an egg and an abrasian.  He did get to eat real food today and it wasn't bad for hospital food.  You get a menu and call in your order.....
    Lady's hocks were abraded as well as her right stifle, elbow, point of her shoulder but otherwise she seems OK.  I just don't know what to think...... He keeps asking me what we are going to do with her and I told him I don't want to make a decision until after he's better so I'm thinking straight.  He keeps asking what he did wrong ':('
    I'm off to bed, need some sleep.  Thank you all again ':)'

  • It is wonderful to read that your hubby is improving!  As Durangogramma said, a helmet doesn't always prevent a concussion.  Continued prayers for you and your family, Dana.  This is so hard on all of you.  Waiting to make a decision on Lady is probably the best idea.

  • Good news, Continued improvement is on the way.
    When R landed on his head he did the constant "What happened? Why am I here??" We started calling it groundhog day. It will get better. Lots of rest and good medical care is in order.

    As for helmets everyone needs to wear them. (my opinion) R still doesn't neither does C. 
    I have never heard anyone say "Wow I am sorry I was wearing a helmet."


  • Oh Dana I am so sorry this happened.  Def. keeping you all in my prayers.  By praying for him to recover quickly and whole. 
  • We're home!  Finally about 6:30 tonight.....
    He wanted an In N' Out burger and fries on the way home and then a nice shower.  After that he was determined to hobble out and see where it happened.  Big scrapes in the dirt road where she was backing up and a gouged area where they went down about a foot from the fence......
    Then he wanted to go see her.  Standing there with her, he did start to remember getting her tacked up.  She has a long mane and there is a "witch's stirrup or fairy knot" we need to massage out with conditioner and that triggered his memory.
    He's anxious about work, he owns his own business and we're supposed to leave on a trip in 2 wks. so how to get him to rest and heal but take care of all that needs to be done before the trip?
  • Dana I am so glad he is at home. He sounds like he is doing well, needing a burger and wanting to "see".
    after seeing a similar situation, I'm convinced the more rest he gets the shorter time and more complete his recovery will be.

    Hugs for you {{}}
  • Maybe he can dictate a list of things that need to be done.  Then put it down.  There may be some things you can get done for him or someone else.  Once you can check off a few things, then he might be less anxious.  Or limit one thing/day or after a week of continual rest.  I'd say set small goals - tiny ones.  But after he has a few days of nothing but rest. 
    SO glad he's home. 
  • He's home!  Good news for sure!  People heal faster at home in familiar surroundings.  Take things slow and easy.