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Prayers for the Kurt Wyman family

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Prayers for the Kurt Wyman family
  • Tragedy struck this morning in a small community near me.  A 24 year old Deputy Sheriff was shot and killed when he was called to a "domestic dispute".  A Marine who served in the Middle East, an honored member of the Sheriff's Department, a husband, and the father of an 18 month old son.  Today was his wife's due date, and his wife went into labor for their second child.  She has the support of her Church family, and extended family is on their way to her side.

    Please, pray for God's strength and comfort for this family.
  • [':('] [':('] [':(']  Semper fi, devil dog.  Godspeed, my brother. 
    Prayers to the family.
  • Prayers for strength grace and peace.
    Godspeed Hero
  • Sigh.... so tragic, hopefully they caught the monster who did this...... prayers for his family.
  • Yes, the shooter is in the hospital..it seems his wounds were not life-threatening.  The new widow became a new mother later that same day and has a healthy baby girl.  The deputy was wearing his bullet-proof vest but was shot in the neck.  

    The family has a very strong faith and their Pastor and Church are looking after them.  Even though I did not know this family, they lived in my area and their story has really touched my heart.

    Thank you for the prayers, all.  I know the family appreciates them.
  • God Bless the family and give them the strength to carry on.
  • Hi
    I'm new to the forum but when I saw this message I had to reach out.  How is the family doing?  I trust the delivery went well. 
    They are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • The baby was born the evening of her father's death.  Mom and daughter are doing well.  This is a family of strong faith and they have a good support system through their church. &nbsp';P'rayers are always welcomed.  Many thanks for your concern.