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Therapy and health

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Therapy and health
  • There are people that are working at my barn that were into drugs and some of them were homeless that are in a program working to get their feet back under them and stay off drugs. Some of them have been sent to jail and they are trying to correct their ways. Throughout the months of working with them the same group for almost a year and the new ones that come in I have spiritually grown. They do some work with horses and every time I work with them teaching them to ride and supervising them around the horses i am amazed on how much the youth grow and the therapy the horses are giving them. The people i have worked with the longest are almost to the point where they are going to graduate out of the program so i ask that we keep them in our prayers as they graduate from the horse portion of the program when they go to the last home where they need to find a job and start looking for a place to live that they stay clean and keep God with them and they grow everyday even when they are not working with horses. I also hope that when life gets stressful that they take what they learned in the program and ask for help when they need it. Please keep these youth in your thoughts.

    On the health note a horse that i work with is recovering from being very sick i really hope that he gets better and that he wont relapse can you put Ambush into your prayers as well?
  • That program sounds amazing.  Animals seem to reach people in a way other humans often can't.  I'm sure that group has moved on by now, but I will pray for them.  How is Ambush?
  • What part of the country again Athena?  I agree with Wish!  Animals are wonderful!  I think the program sounds wonderful too.  Does it have a name?
    Prayers up for Ambush. 
  • From what i hear Ambush is doing well. He is back home now and enjoying himself
  • the Pacific coast area. and the youth are called transitional youth other then that i dont know what the program itself is called when i am talking about them i say ty guys.
  • Its really a wonderful program, like to prayer for it.
    God Bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Earl Nunes
  • I agree with wish! Animals are wonderful and I will always pray for them