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Prayer requests
  • Praises for an amazing trip over here!  I mean it was the best flight I've EVER had!  I was totally, unnaturally (for me) calm!  Thank you so much!
    Also, my roomate, who came over on the same flight, is a believer!  YAY! 
    God is good!
  • THANK YOU GOD!!!  (MAHALO KE AKUA!!!).  Your post was evidence of answered prayer!!  It is so wonderful you got a chance to get acquainted with your new roomie.  Seeing your posts has started my day off well.  See      I am smiling.  May God continue to bless you, your new friend there and your 'Texas' friend, too.
  • Tried to go to a women's Bible study last night. (oops - tonight - Tuesday) I was late and it was cancelled anyway.  But the two ladies that were in there were both from TN, one Memphis now stationed elsewhere, and one from the Nashville Guard unit.  More coincidences?  The Nashville lady and I went to chow and she was amazed when I said "God's hand is on this whole deployment" because she had said the exact same words to her Chief earlier in the day.  Stuff just keeps happening.
    God is good.
  • Made an appt. to take little Brody to the vet this morning.  He has a scab on his haunch that seems to be growing..... it's under his hair but you can feel it and when you pull back his hair you can see it's raw under there..... I've been putting antibiotic cream on it but it seems to be growing so, off to the vet we go.  The lady who answered the phones must not work there often because she said "Have you been here before?"  Sigh...... So we're going to whisk him over there, they're squeezing him in and hopefully it's good news.  I figure if it's a fungus and I'm treating it w/ antibiotics, that's not good or if it's something like impetigo and contagious, help!  So better to spend the money now!
  • They shaved his little butt and said it doesn't look like anything too serious.  Gave me some wash to use twice a day and to continue the antibiotic ointment.  Riley did fine w/out him.  Rubbed another puppy allover him when we brought him back so he wouldn't smell too weird and she didn't seem to care.  2.4 lbs already and they nicknamed him "hippo" for his shape!  Said he looks great otherwise ':)'
  • Prayer for peace, and safe Journey.
    Earl Nunes 
  • Requests for healing thoughts and strength for a friend who's husband was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma...... he's only 33 ':('
  • My heart goes out to them and my prayers
  • prayers, of course.
  • praying
  • I am praying for one of my friends new born horse he is not well he has some problem and praying that he gets full recovered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Earl Nunes