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Prayer requests
  • If anyone wants to, they can put a simple prayer request up here.  As the thread grows, someone who is looking for something to pray for can go down the posts here and pray for each individual. 
    If you have a long story, please don't include all the details.  God knows what they are.  We just want to pray for you and anyone else listed here.
    If your prayer is answered or resolved, you can come back and edit your post to let us know.
    I'll do an example:

    [strike]Prayers for my son to find a job. [/strike]
    Son got a job at a fast food restaurant!!!  YAY
  • [strike]Prayers for refinancing that would turn 2 mortgage payments into 1 mortgage payment. [/strike](thanks)
    See?  Prayer answered already!  This wasn't what God wanted!  Instead he wants me to go to the middle east!  [':D']  Can I change my prayer request?
  • I love this!  Will be Praying...
  • Prayers that Kelly's new little dog recovers.
  • of course.
  • Praises that things are going so smoothly in preparation for deployment and prayers that things continue to go smoothly.
  • Kelly's little one is on his 2nd round of antibiotic w/ a 2nd antibiotic added in but doing better!
  • A prayer for the little one so much a part of the hearts in your family.
  • Please step up the prayers for calming peace and clear thinking.  Travel mercies needed in a week.  Hugs to all prayer warriors! 
  • Of course, Beth.   You are in my heart and the hearts of many.  Asking God to bless and protect you will be a joy.  Will pray for Angels to lift you up, for a hedge of protection around you and for a blanket of protection over you.  Then you will be surrounded.
  • [':)']  Awesome Connie!  (I think the flight's about 20 hours)
  • Prayers up for Hunterseat's safe journey.
  • Definitely have you on my mind, Beth.  Off for an amazing adventure and I know you will live it to the fullest and have lots of things to share w/ us!
  • Thank you SO much!  Travel mercies and being effective in my work.  Those are on my wish list.  [':)']
  • Thankful prayers for a safe journey thus far. &nbsp';P'etitioning prayers for continued safety.  Helpful prayers for a job well done.  More prayers for kind, friendly, and good co-workers.  God Bless you, Beth.  Your wellbeing is important.