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  • This radio station broadcasts all across the country and on the internet.  I listen to it in my car frequently.  All the songs are contemporary Christian, often similar to Christian rock but not metal.  It's very positive and encouraging as their jingle says.  It's listener supported so there are NO commercials.  You don't have to worry about the kids in the back seat because there's no vulgarity, swear words, off-color topics of discussion, etc.  Just the message of the Word in music form.  Keeps my mind where it belongs.

    Does anyone else listen to KLOVE?  Here's their site if you want to listen online....


    OH I meant to say - the most awesome thing to me about this station is the fact that people across the country, MILLIONS of people are worshiping the Lord collectively, corporately at the exact same time.  Singing praises all together, same song EVERYWHERE.  Very cool!

  • Well I was in Fl. visiting our daughter in law she put is on her computer well we were sitting outside. That blessed me knowing she was listening. I haven't tuned in, because I listen to a local christian station. But when I'm out or someplace with the computer I know what station I'll put on. Thanks for spreading the word. God Bless
  • The barn radio is tuned into KLOVE as are the car and truck radios.  The owner of the feed/hardware store suggested it when I complained that it was hard to get a more local station on my car radio.