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White Eagle on 'Christ'

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White Eagle on 'Christ'

    Okay, the text didn't go thru.  So I will hafta type it, (sigh).
    For the outer world is in turmoil, the minds of men agitated by fear, distrust, anger, resentment and man can find no answer to his problems because instead of looking to the Source of absolute wisdom, he endevors to answer all questions purely with his mental or intellectual powers, or else on the material level of life.
    It is essential that man discover that spiritual part, and set himself to develop it.  There are many schools of teaching, but only one central truth of which all else is but a part, and this truth is pure spirit.  You are here on earth to develop your spiritual self, which is in truth the Son of God, the Christ-being, lying buried beneath many coverings, physical, mental and emotional. 
    Within you is something more precious, more beautiful, more wonderful than man has ever conceived.  You hear stories of a manifestation of that glory, through the saints or great ones, you see them through the radiance of divine life.  You think to worship them but never to draw near to these great ones.  You worship them from afar instead of taking hold of yourself and working to perfect your own character and your own soul, so that they become fitted for the divine spirit to manifest through you to your fellow creatures.  Yet, this is the purpose of life.
    In the new Aquarian age, towards which man is advancing, there will be a stimulation of both spiritual and material aspects of man.  You have a special mission or charge, you have come to earth for a special purpose, not only to develop your own divine consciousness, but also as a pioneer to serve the coming age.  Truly serve your fellows.  For when once a soul learns to recognise and obey spiritual laws, it will find itself following a spiritual pathway that seems to be already opened and prepared for it.  It takes an angel to recognise an angel, a god to recognise a god, so until man develops the necessary qualities within himself, he remains unconscious in the presence of angels or gods.


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  • that is good DC.   
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  • I was with ya' till the last paragraph. 
  • That is awesome that you liked the first part![':)']
  • You so silly! [';)']
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  • Every time I see this thread I think about that band "white kids on dope".