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I really need some advice

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I really need some advice
  • Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m just going to give you all the blunt truth of this story. I’m 13 right now and have been riding since I was 8. When I was 11 I stopped riding for a couple of months because my trainer moved but eventually started leasing a horse at the same barn. The lease didn’t last long though, only a few months because the horse took bucked me off one day leaving me with a broken hip and 3 screws in my growth plate. That was in November and now I’m feeling better but still haven’t been able to ride much since my incident. I’m looking into another lease right now and a trainer to help me with that but I was also considering the option of buying this summer and I’m wondering if I should. I do know a lot, and can fully tack up, lead, groom, am knowledgeable on feeding, blanketing and illnesses. I also go to a horse barn every day after school and work there, feeding, leading out, filling hay bags, etc. and I know many people at the barn who could help me with the horse if I face any problems. Cost would not be a problem either. The only thing I’m worried about is riding. I haven’t been able to ride much since my injury and I’m wondering if a few more months of leasing and lessons would be enough to get my skill and confidence back. I could also do the current lease with a trainer and then buy a horse in a few more months and continue working with the same trainer. Does anyone have any advice on this situation? My parents are not horse people and I’m feeling really lost.
  • I want you to know that there are a lot of people who will see your post and won't reply because they mostly lurk and don't participate. Those of us who do participate usually go to the General Chat section. This is in the Spiritual section and I wonder if you'd get more responses if it's moved to GC.

    I'm a mom (could probably be your grandmother). I'm sore from riding Saturday because I don't do it nearly enough. (my problem)

    First I guess I'd want to know what your doctor says.

    My guess is your doctor wouldn't want you back on a horse yet. It takes a good 6 months to recover from surgery and I imagine your injuries will take longer than that. No sense re-injuring yourself and making things worse.

    Your health is what's important. Are you doing physical therapy?

    Then I'd want to know what your goals are for riding. Trail riding? Showing? Western? English? Dressage?  Some disciplines are more stressful on your body than others. Especially hips. Also you have no business being on anything but a trustworthy horse. Don't shoot for the moon here. Just get something that you can trust. Spend about 6 months to a year doing ground work, getting to know each other, teaching tricks, ground driving, grooming, etc. But don't rush it. Be safe. You'll be feeling your injury forever so don't make it worse than it already is!

    ps (Standardbred...standardbred...standardbred...you are getting sleepy....) :)

  • Hey, thank you so much for responding.  I did do physical therapy and my doctor said I could go back to riding a few months  ago. I m currently in the process of leasing  this one horse but I have found that if I ride longer my hip does get a bit sore. I do English riding, before my fall I did a lot of Hunter  jumper things but most jumps were  not more then 2ft. I think now I’m looking mainly for  something calmer like trail riding. I really need time to build my skill and comfidence back up, it’s just been really stressful because I’ve been riding for 5 years and I feel like I’m starting all over again. The horse I’m trying to lease now, although a bit young, is very mellow and lazy for his age and I think we will be a good fit. I’m hoping to look into buying one next summer though after more lessons and leasing.

  • Since you're "starting all over again" you should try a sidesaddle! That might take a lot of pressure off! I know it sounds crazy and they're not cheap by any means but I have to believe they're very doable. You can google pictures of ladies jumping in them and, of course, that used to be all we rode in! So it's got to be okay. Which leg? I bet there are sidesaddle groups online that could explain which leg gets more use, etc.

    English is a demanding discipline. I'm an English rider, never really rode western but I think there are more comfortable saddles out there for you than English.

  • btw, if you click on the horse.com logo at the top of the page it will go to a page that shows the most recent threads. Most of them are the "happy today" sort of threads. Like a daily chat. You should jump right in there and let us know how your day is going ! I can tell you the "regulars" are in TX, NY, CT, SC, CA.... That's about it right now.

  • I think you should keep going! It seems that you really love it,. You just need to convince them and work hard to show that there is something to gain here.