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Need Advice Concerning Blind Horse

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Need Advice Concerning Blind Horse
  • I have a 21 year old mare that has been going blind over the past couple years. She is now totally blind. While she seems to be coping, i'm not sure if she is happy. She is a nervous mare and when we ride our other horses and have to leave her home, she gets upset. She gets turned out in a safe arena every day and is stalled at night. She spends most of the time standing in a corner. We go out of town on occasion and have a pet sitter come over. I'm getting more nervous about the pet sitter possibly getting hurt. Is it cruel to keep her going? Is it cruel to let her go? I need advice!
  • Have you thought of getting her a companion?  A pony or goat would do the job.  They will have to be watched closely for a while, however this method works very well.  Often people will put a bell around the companion's neck so that the blind horse can find them.  
    It's very important that the two of them be compatible.  Also, that the companion is not an aggresive animal at all.  After that it's kind of like a dating service to see if they'll get along.

  •  I have a blind horse. He was middle man in a herd of 3 strong, alpha geldings. When he finally lost his vision the other two tried to kill him. Needless to say I had to separate them. I didn't realize he was going blind until it got to this stage. Even apart, they made him very nervous. He couldn't relax at all. He is now at a retirement home (VERY affordable) in KY. He has a companion that loves him despite his grouchiness. He relaxes and lays out in the sun and has hay to munch. It's a great place for him and I'll keep him there until the end. I went to see him in February. 

  • I should add, he was an eventer (did NOT make it as a harness racer - he's a Standardbred). He was very bonded with his previous owner and she turned him over to an adoption agency, hoping for a good home and the former adopter nearly starved him to death. I think his heart broke over her abandonment. But he was happy to "see" me. I'll try to post a body shot. He's thriving up there. (I was giving him scratches)