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Cowboy Church
  • While visiting Harper TX I was able to attend cowboy church for the first time.  (Wild Ride Ministries)  It was great!  When I found out there was a cowboy church in Memphis I was excited.  I recently joined and I love it - went last night.  (Circle Cross Ministries)
    Does anyone else go to cowboy church?  If not, have you ever searched to see if there's one in your area?  It's so relaxed and full of horse people. 
    Just wondering.
  • Yep! Wild Ride Ministries Harper TX. 
    Pastor Mike is a bull rider. He had a bad wreck several months ago. The bull threw him and then stomped it's foot inside his helmet nearly tearing his ear off. Had an infection scare but is OK. And ear is re-attached although slightly smaller. While he was in the hospital they found that he had a fractured hip even before the bull incident. 

    We are in the process of building our own arena for horsey stuff. We hope to have a therapeutic riding program and playdays, etc...  

    We had an outdoor cowboy breakfast in Sept. A trail ride and picnic in Oct. 
    We hope to make the trail ride/picnic a monthly event after the holiday season.
    This month, We had a BBQ fundraiser for our new fellowship hall. And we raffled and finally auctioned a filly that we trained for more horse arena funds.

  • Our pastor had his ear ripped off, too!  He loves telling that story!
    He calls bullfighting "saving the bacon when the kitchen's on fire".  I told him I need a copy of his schedule so I can have horsey friends go to rodeos and say hi to him.
    OOOH!  Maybe I can go to YOUR church one day..... soon!!!