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Healing prayers for Skyler

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Healing prayers for Skyler
  • My heeler/lab, Skyler was in my fenced front yard for approx. 5 minutes Sat. morning, then in the house for 2 hours and about 30 minutes after the kids' riding lesson was over when we let him out, we noticed he had a small bleeding puncture on his side.  Called my vet and they were busy with emergencies so we went to the nearest walk-in vet and they looked at it and said they wanted to x-ray him for a BB?!  Okayed that and glad I did because there was an air gun pellet in him!  It was in the middle of his abdomen so he had to have exploratory surgery to make sure it hadn't passed through an intestine or something..... luckily all looked good except for a lot of blood in there.... We got him home yesterday afternoon and the poor guy is miserable :(    He has a 5" incision down the middle of his stomach,  plus the hole in his side.  He's on antibiotics and pain meds but only is comfortable about the first 6 hours after his pills..... called and they said we could give him his pain meds every 8 hrs/instead of 12 so that might help some.  Anyways, we are still stunned, figure it had to be someone driving by while he was out front..... he likes to race along the fence, barking but he was IN OUR YARD!!!  Hoping pain mercies for him, he is the sweetest dog ever and hoping that this person someday becomes a compassionate human being instead of a vicious, hateful being they currently are......
  • Ugh. Some people. Years ago when my youngest still lived at home, someone shot a blow dart into a cat of ours. We pulled it out and it evidently didn't puncture anything because he lived.
  • TBear has a bullet lodged near his spine from being shot in the back of his leg. It travelled up, chipped his hip and went along his spine where it remains about halfway up his back. I always worry about that but he seems to be fine.
    Another dog we had, Hershey, had a pellet under the skin of her head just above her eyebrow. No telling when that got there, probably before we had her.
    My old dog Butch (GSD) has a pellet show up on an xray. We had no idea he'd been shot.
    Pellets are nasty things. People think "shoot him with a pellet gun. it won't really hurt" but obviously it can cause some bad problems.  It really burns me up that someone shot your dog. People can be so stupid.
  • Pellets and BBs really are different. BBs usually don't hurt anything (maybe small birds at close range) unless they're shot from one of those pump-up guns. They're not aerodynamic like pellets are so they don't fly as well therefore they lose a lot of their 'force' in flight. And, no, I don't condone shooting animals with either one.
  • Skyler is doing really well, got his stitches out and finally got the go-ahead to get to go run again.  Happy boy ':)'  Still don't know who shot him and probably never will.  Hope it was a one-time occurrence.....