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Goodbye Buttercup

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Goodbye Buttercup
  • I came home from running errands to find a voice mail from one of my special ed bus drivers.  One of "our" boys hung himself this morning.  My heart breaks for the pain he must have been in and for what his family is going through.  Please, if you feel moved to pray for them, do so.  We called him Buttercup sometimes because the kids on the bus would sing that song about "I've got a brand new girlfriend" and he liked the part where the singer says, "she calls me Buttercup".
  • [':('] [':('] [':(']
  • I really feel your pain, Connie. 
    All of our "special" kids are so near and
    dear to our hearts.  I'm sorry to hear this boy had pain
    he could not deal with ':('  ((Hugs))
  • Thank you, Hunter and Dana.  As I hear more of the story, it gets worse.  I have been assured, however, that there will be a thorough investigation.  Not all of the puzzle pieces add up yet.  Still, it was known he was in need of help, his bus driver begged the school to get him into residential treatment..a place he had been in before and liked.  It didn't happen.  The driver is a wreck.  She loved him, too.
  • I've learned from Victim Advocate training that it's not unusual for victims to try or succeed in suicide.  If only they could somehow see that it is NOT THEIR FAULT that they are victimized.  It's so horrible that it becomes their lives and it actually changes who they are. They can become self-destructive to the point of suicide. And they become susceptable to repeat attacks.  If I ever hear someone say "get over it" to a victim I'm afraid I'll be charged with assault. [:@] They'd LOVE to get over it. They can't. Perpetrators are preditors, criminals and they will repeat. Make no mistake.
    I don't know what the circumstances are surrounding the loss of this precious life, Connie, but that's certainly a soap box I'll climb on every chance I get. sorry if I hijacked.
  • Wow. That makes me so sad. A kid in my old neighborhood wanted to do that to himself. It just breaks my heart. I will pray for him and his family. He is in God's house now.