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aloha, friend

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aloha, friend
  • This world has lost another sweet soul.  His beautiful voice and loving spirit are gracing heaven now.  I want to share one of his last posts, made 11 days ago.  I hope it will bless you. 

    Allan Davis
    [/h6] Dear Lord, As I thank you for the gift of life, I also thank you for the wonderful people I have met along this journey. Someof them inspired me stretched me, challenged me love me and encouraged me, All of them helped me to realize how meaningful and beauiful my life is. I love them so much - bless them Lord with good health, security wealth success, peace an d joy. Grant their prayers too. Amen[/h6]
  • Sorry to hear you lost a friend.  He sounds like a wise person.
  • Yes a very wonderful person.
    4 people I know have passed in the last week. 
  • Hugs Connie and Mary. [':(']