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Pony tries “sitting down” when legs picked up

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Pony tries “sitting down” when legs picked up
  • Hello, I recently got a new pony and she really doesn’t want her hind legs especially picked up. She puts all her weights into you and like pushes you over. And I noticed today when the right hind is trying to get picked up, she is also trying to lift the left front. And when left hind is trying to get picked up, she’s raising the right front. Is that any method somebody could’ve have used, liked tying the foot up on the opposite side of body, while the other is getting worked on?

    Ive had horses not want to give her leg, or put weight on you and be lazy and whatnot. But this pony seems fearful and on high alert. She’s a real great pony otherwise, let’s you touch her legs no problem, but goes into a different mode after you start trying to pick them up. Doesn’t try to kick or anything like that.
    Thank you!
  • Welcome Lilly8,

    Sounds like you need to re-teach picking up her legs.

    There is no telling what someone "tried" to do.

    So patience is the key.

  • Hi you can use *Link Removed*