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Help! Need some advice concerning the lower leg.

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Help! Need some advice concerning the lower leg.
  • My HEALTHY 5 year old gelding started limping a week ago. I took it easy on him. Gave him some anti inflammatory (tight joints plus) daily. He walks gingerly on the left leg and when turning left he doesn't put a ton of weight on it. I noticed that his left hoof is turned outwards (lateral)...I have no idea what caused this. I'm honestly not looking to get into vet expenses. I'd like to figure out a home remedy type of cure. I can't attach a picture because they're "too large" but if you have answers and need to see a picture. Please email me as well! I need to figure this out soon as we are in the middle of selling the guy:( 


  • If you have a good farrier, they might be a good start.  You say he's gingerly on the left leg, however didn't specify front or rear.

    Sometimes it's best to call the vet or even trailer him in and give the vet a visit (thus saving the farm-call charge).  Yes, cost is an issue, but putting this off might just make things a lot worse.