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Encouraging heel growth and developing less tender hooves?

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Encouraging heel growth and developing less tender hooves?
  • I bought a 10 year old TB mare about a month ago. She was living in a pasture with very soft, sandy soil, barefoot but her feet hadn't been maintained well and were flaring and her toes were long. We have fairly hard ground at my place, mostly dg and a lot of our trails are rocky, the dirt roads have some gravel. She was very ouchy while riding and my farrier said she needs more heel on her back feet. I went ahead and put shoes on her front feet so I could ride her but she is still somewhat ouchy in the back. She's been on Biotin Plus for a while to help with her feet, gets a good grass hay diet with a little bit of Purina Strategy pellets soaked with her hoof supplement daily, salt/mineral block. Is there a way to encourage her heels to grow other than putting shoes on? I really don't want to put back shoes on her or she will have to be pulled out of the pasture and I'd rather have her barefoot if possible. Also, one of my boarders has a little Welsh/Haffie pony who has worn his hind heels down and is getting ouchy, too.... I've never had shoes on a pony before and wonder what is going on. My farrier is really good about balancing feet, angles and all that and isn't one to recommend something for no reason.
  • BOSS does wonders. Start with 1/4 cup and work up to 1 cup per feeding.

  • The first natural hoof practitioner, Alexander the Great, kept rocks in his horses' stalls. In battle his horses were able to stay strong on all terrain. Steve always suggested keeping some rock/gravel around the water trough so they have to walk on it daily. Zag's feet are ouchy on gravel. SERIOUSLY. So much that people would think he was lame because he was tip-toeing.

  • I should have said "the first RECORDED natural hoof practitioner"

  • Where do you get BOSS?

  • feed store or sometimes Walmart prices are good.  If it's safe for the birds I'm sure it's safe for horses. I've bought it there before.

  • Okay, I'll ask at the feed store.  Are they out of the shell or sold in bags for the birds with the shells on the seeds?  After watching Spirit go right over the gravel last night like it was nothing, I think I'm going to put all of them on turmeric/black pepper, too!

  • I learned about BOSS on this forum.  I put Sun on BOSS (starved skeleton when he came) and he grew a totally new hoof in less than a year.  He blew his sole (big abscess there),lost heel, and then, the new foot started growing and his feet did beautifully.  I credit the BOSS for the improvement and growth. Tried biotin but saw no improvement until I put him on BOSS.  All my horses get it .  They eat it unshelled right out of the bag.  I try to get it from the local feedmill where they grow their own but if I am out and in a hurry, I pick it up at TSC and, like Danehaven, figure if it is safe for birds it isn't  treated with something harmful to horses.  BTW, the local mill said they found they can buy it delivered from a place in the dakotas cheaper than they can grow it.  The horses love it now but when first introduced were suspicious.  

  • Okay, so the birdseed -kind

  • Bet they have that at the 99 Cent store too!  Maybe Winco as they carry bulk in bins..  I used to feed ground flaxseed from the bins at our Sprouts.

  • BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER SEED. (in the shell)

    Not striped and not the kind that have the bird vitamins.

    I usually get it at TSC. Feed stores have it also and wmart.

    Start  with 1/4 cup and work up to a full cup per feeding.

    My farrier couldn't believe how well and  how much it helped the horses I started  on it.

    He tells everyone about it and I have had people call me on the phone raving how it saved their horses when he tells them he learned about it from me. Even one of the vet techs said " hey you are the one who started BOSS around here."

    I may rethink giving it to mine because they grow so fast.

  • No black sunflower seeds at Walmart.... will keep looking.

  • Weird, what do you use for bird feeders there?

  • Here, the horses and the birds get BOSS.  Even the little sparrows, finches, chick-a-dees, and nuthatches like it.  

  • A Ferrier School in training on RFD showed the long toe caused little/no heel, measure the foot, heel to toe, frog to toe, across the foot, not just the angle, find someone who knows the formula, or research on RFD TV, confirmed and discovered by many Reining Pros, we had a Ferrier trim too short causing tender feet, another who's horse got laminitis and put down? Natural Bare Foot should be OK if properly done, our horses are in pasture, having hard sound feet. Finish Line Feet First is a great product seeing results in days. Best Wishes