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Miniature Stallion Hoof Problem!

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Miniature Stallion Hoof Problem!
  • My ten-year-old miniature horse stallion has awful hooves! I was recently given him from my aunt but he was in terrible shape. Besides being obese, covered in burs, and clearly lacking balanced nutrition, his hooves are a mess. I've had him for 5 months but it took 4 months to let me pick up his feet. When I did I discovered they were all packed with mud, manure, and hay, it took me 2 hours to pick them out. But in the weeks since I have noticed that three hooves are very hot, his hoof wall is an inch longer than his sole, and the frog in his right fore isn't were it's supposed to be; it is nearly touching the hoof wall on the left side of the hoof. Before I go any further I want everyone to know that I have already called the farrier but he can't come for two more weeks. The horse is lame (obviously) but in the field he walks, trots, canters, and even gallops without showing signs of pain. But when I pick out his hooves each day I'm able to easily pick away the bottom of the sole to where the white part shows. I don't try to do this but his hooves pick up so much mud (even when the field isn't muddy, how he does this I don't know) that I have to push hard in order to get it out that the sole comes with it. He pulls away every time that happens, I would like to use hoof testers on them but I don't have any. His heels and frogs don't make contact with the ground which makes me worry about the rest of his hoof and his legs because of the impact. Also, his heels are super cracked and very hard, to be honest when I picked out his hooves for the first time I thought it was caked on mud. Last but not least all of his hooves have founder rings on them. His stance is not like a horse with laminitis though which confuses me. Taking in all this information does anyone have any ideas as to what he might have?
  • please, let me think,seeee what do do...

  • exersie so he isn't as (no effence) fat, groom to get out the burs, walk to see any limping or pain, a helthy diet and get out the fairrier and if he can't do a lot, ? try to help the poor guy.

  • good for you.

  • oh sorry i was looking at the wrong thing.

  • when i said ''good for you''

  • Keep doing what you are doing. Scrape everything out with a hoofpick what  sole wants to mush out, flake out or chip out, depending on the moisture present. Consider it the jungle that feeds thrush. Spray with vinegar after or if you can, brush his foot over a pail of Dawn Dish soap and water. Get really clean and don't bother rinsing it off. Because his foot is long, and imbalanced (frog direction)  it will continue to congest dirt. Clean 2x/day. As more sole comes out, the walls will look even higher. Treating for thrush will stop pain and produce a tougher hoof. There may be some chipping happen, but its only him trying to self-trim. Keep him on friendly ground until the farrier gets there. Trace minerals are what is crucial to hoof health...strong walls, maintenance of waxes and oils and strengthens cross-connective tissue, which is hoof strength. Hope this helps....

  • Thanks your advice really helped him. He's much better now. He is galloping in the pasture, jumping, and looks much better overall.

  • Chaya how is that good? Poor mini

  • Good that you still care!