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Would love some feedback on an app idea for improving hoof health

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Would love some feedback on an app idea for improving hoof health
  • I've been working on a new idea for performing a quick check on hoof health and would love some feedback from the community. At this stage it's just a basic phone application that uses your smartphone camera to capture an image of your horses hoof, we then process this information, and provide you with visual feedback on key hoof parameters. The idea being that you have an immediate snapshot of your horses hoof health (try saying that 10 times really quickly!), and can then use this information as an indicator of any current or potential up coming problems. We also provide trends over time so that we can alert you when the hoof health is declining. On the flip side we'd love to provide this as a tool for farriers to be able to achieve a higher quality and more consistent trim. It would also allow the farrier to quickly and easily communicate what they've done on the hoof and why. Feedback on the idea would be much appreciated either here, or if you're super interested in having a go for yourself we're looking for a small group of early users to give to work with in building out the app-http://cavaltech.co.nz/alpha-signup/ Thanks in advance!
  • Standardize yout input module to include specifications for all 4 feet..  (if they send a pic of one hoof, they should send pics of all hooves) Make it clear and possibly give a composite picture of all 4 shots in one screen.

    Get measurements of feet, or teach how to get measurements. Measure the length of  hoof, angle of toe.

    I was tracking until I saw the word farrier. Scares me that a true farrier needs to use a phone ap to do their job.